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I strongly disagree that people today spend too much time on personal enjoyment, rather than doing things they should do. Because there is economic suppression in many countries, today-living people have more works to do and less time to enjoy and our society is based on certain disciplines.

First of all, we all know that governments of many countries have problems with current economic situation and they ask people to work harder to extricate the country from economic chaos. In addition, the rate of unemployment is increasing. Hence people do not have enough time to do whatever they want. Suppose that you are bank accountant who spend most of your time at your office and even you are obliged to wait for extra works. So after finishing your work at the evening you are too tired to go around or join your friends to go to the cinema. So, although you really like to spend your time with your friends, you should go home and take a shower and just lean on a sofa in front of TV because you know that you have to be punctual in your work, otherwise you will lose your career.

In addition, in the modern age we have to live based on a certain schedule because all parts of our community are organized and we cannot change the rules and arrangements. For example, if you want to go to a trip, you have to write a request letter and ask your boss for a leave that usually should be done one or two months sooner than your trip and it will take a few days for your boss to grant a leave to you. Therefore you cannot just decide to do something and then simply do that. You should arrange your time according to your duties, your family pastime, and your chairman decision at your workplace and I think it is an arduous task.

All in all, I think that according to economic crisis in many countries and increasing demand for finding job and also the arrangement of everything in modern age, nowadays people cannot spend much time on personal enjoyment.…...

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