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Essay #2: Is Gender Bias Noticeable in Literature?

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Essay #2: Is Gender Bias Noticeable in Literature?
In this essay I would be investigating if there are any gender biases in the short stories and the movie Gone Girl. By definition gender bias is, “Inclination towards or prejudice against one gender” (Collins). Although gender bias is mostly thought of being against women there has been a subtler bias against men most recently in movies. Therefore, in this essay I would be considering gender biases of both men and women.
In the short story “The Short Happy life of Francis Macomber” the author Ernest Hemmingway treats both genders equally. Both Wilson and Mrs. Macomber are portrayed as opportunists. He has no compunction in accepting the silly advances of Macomber’s wife. She marries Macomber for his money and social position. They both have a cruel streak. He (illegally) beats his helpers, knowing that they would rather take the beating than lose money (fines). She is cruel to her husband, openly despising his weaknesses, and deliberately flaunting her infidelities. In contrast, “I Want a Wife” the author Judy Brady has gender bias. The woman portrayed in the composition is resentful of the quality of life experienced by women in general, who, as wives, have to cater to their husband’s every need and whim. Husbands are portrayed as lazy, selfish and inconsiderate, not even pulling their weight as fathers of their children.
Moreover, in the short story “Shiloh” the author Bobby Ann Mason has gender bias. Norma Jean is portrayed as determined to follow her dreams and interests in cosmetology, academics and body-building. Her husband’s long absence while trucking did not seem to bother her. After his accident, his presence around the house seems to irritate her. While Leroy is trying to make a fresh start with his wife, she seems indifferent. Also Norma Jean’s mother is a classic interfering…...

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