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If you had Carlos Slim money, what kind of business would you buy and what kind of lifestyle would you lead?
Carlos Slim is a Mexican billionaire and the world’s richest or second-richest man, with a fortune estimated to be in excess of $67bn. Aged 11, he began his commercial activity from investing in government saving bonds. Then he became a shareholder of Banco Nacional de Mexico, set up own investing company as a stockbroker participating is fire sale of assets during crisis which resulted in owning wide range of retail outlets and manufacturing businesses. He has recently seized control of telecommunication companies operating in all Latin America. Carlos Slim’s experience as a successful investor provides us with an example of overall business strategy that usually works out: investing in distressed assets during global recession that will recover fast during next phases of economic cycle.
Therefore, if I had Mr. Slims money, I would partially follow his investing strategy. The most long-lasting financial and economic crisis in recent history has not passed yet, and that’s why taking advantage of global recession with perspectives for the future is the best strategy of employing capital.
But there is one thing that I would change: the spheres and regions of investing. Being the richest person in Russia, I would invest only in Russian assets. The first part of capital, as I said previously, would be invested in companies of mining, processing and nuclear power industries, because these economic spheres deal with exhaustible resources for which there will be a demand for at least another 10-15 years. As for nuclear power industry, current projects that will be run for at least next 20 years also guarantee sustainability of the companies operating in this…...

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