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Essay a “One Stair Up” by Campbell Nairne

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Essay A
“One stair up” by Campbell Nairne

The fragment describes how two youngsters, representatives of the working class, - Rosa and Andrew, went to the cinema. We see them in the hall of the cinema, after that observe them in the showing room. There is relatively little action in this story. The author’s attention is mainly focused on the details, so that we could see, smell and feel everything that surrounds the main characters. The text can be described as partially narrative and partially descriptive. The exposition is rather long. The author’s aim is to plunge us into the atmosphere of the luxurious salon: we can even hear the “soft whirring of fans” and “a cup grate on a saucer”, feel the “hot darkness” and draw a realistic image of the showing room. The complication begins with the Rosa’s question “This a comedy?” Now our attention is fully devoted to the leading characters, depicted skillfully by the author. Campbell Nairne reveals the nature of his characters through actions, details, dialogues, and, mostly, through showing their thoughts. He uses interior monologues to build up the thought patterns of both the main characters. The tension grows as we “hear” what Rosa thinks of Andrew, because her thoughts come in strong contradiction to his ones. The culmination takes place when Andrew breaks out, “forgetful in his excitement”. Full of delight, he wants to share his impressions with Rosa, but meets only cold misunderstanding. He starts making excuses to her, looking abject and miserable. The denouement lies in the sharp answer of Rosa. The elements of the plot are ordered chronologically, the story ends on the sour note, but the end of the story is not clear-cut and conclusive. It gives the reader much room for suggestion, forces him\her to fancy a possible reaction of the young man and the further…...

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