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Identify the following components for a lesson you might want to teach: (1) intended grade level for instruction; (2) subject area; and (3) learning objective(s). (These components will be included in the essay in B.)

Teaching a lesson in a 12th grade Social Sciences class about the meaning and importance of the rights guaranteed under the bill of Rights. This is in line with the History-Social Science Content Standards of California Public Schools objective 12.2.1 “Discuss the meaning and importance of each of the rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and how each is secured (e.g., freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, privacy.) [ (California Dept of Education, 2000) ]”

The first resource I am using is a hand out from the Southern Poverty Law Center website that will be used as a pre and post lesson assessment tool. This simple hand out asks only two questions which students will have to provide a short written answer for. This first is “What rights are protected under the First Amendment? The second is “What would be a violation of someone’s First Amendment Rights?” While these may seem to be simple questions, there will likely be a drastic difference in response from the pre-assessment to the post assessment, which is the main reason I selected this resource. As a pre-assessment, it will allow the teacher to understand the base of knowledge the students already have about the First Amendment, and as a post-assessment, the teacher will be able to see how much learning has occurred during the lesson. This would be a primer I would use in my lesson about the First Amendment as well as a post lesson assessment tool. [ ( Staff, 2014) ]
The second resource I chose was an article from Time magazine online titled Mosque Protests Add Note of Discord to 9/11 Remembrances (Tharoor, 2010). This article written in…...

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