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Evaluating the Straetgic Role of Hr in Modern Organisations

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Evaluating the Strategic Role of Human Resources in Modern Organisations Stephen Smith (Student Number 43266932) Keenan Gillespie (Student Number: 43271200)

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 The Evolution of HRM 4 Significance to the business model 4 Summary 5 The Employment Relationship 6 Overview 6 Evolving Frameworks and Models 6 Recommendations 7 Legal Context 8 Overview 8 National Legislation & its importance to Australian business 8 Impact of Legislation on the Business 9 Recommendations to Bytes Electrical 10 References 11 Bibliography 11

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to identify the importance of strategic human resource management to Bytes Electrical. This role of strategical management in regards to a businesses most important assets – its employees, is heavily influenced by a number of stimuli outlined in this report, including the evolution of human resource management to what it is today, the employment relationship and the environment and legal context that the business must operate within. By outlining these influences on Bytes Electrical, this shall allow for the management team to clearly understand the importance of HRM in today’s context. The result of this report is to highlight and convey a summary of these influences and present a number of recommendations to Bytes electrical to ensure the continued and/or increased productivity and efficiency of the business. By presenting these recommendations it allows for the business to identify problem areas within the entity and implement these proposals as it see’s fit.

The Evolution of HRM
Human resource management is an ever-changing business function and is considered a fundamental aspect of modern day business. Human resource management deals with…...

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