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“The Ugly Truth about Beauty” Position Paper The main ideas of this this paper consist of how to tell women how they look, and that no matter what women never think they look good enough. Even though the author starts off by making you think that this paper is going to explain how to correctly answer to women when they ask how they look, it jumps off to talking about how women are never happy about their looks. It also mentions on how women always want to emulate the famous models or actresses such as Cindy Crawford and such whereas guys will never try to emulate the looks of famous men.
I have had experiences like the ones the author mentions in this paper. I have been asked the magic question, “how do I look?” and of course I say that they look good because there are no ugly women out there. Regardless, of how I answer I get a look that says, “You’re lying out of your ears, you must want something!” but that is never the case. I have also seen family member buying make-up and/or products because a beautiful famous woman is advertising it, not understanding that just because they advertise it doesn’t mean that they use. At last, who will ever make women think different?
I think that the author does use ethos, logos and pathos. The character and image of the paper are women and make-up. He uses a few different logical arguments when he mentions that women try emulating Barbie or Cindy Crawford, and that men will never envy the looks of other men. He also uses the difference of men and women feel about looks and the difference in the feelings. This article is persuasive and believable on how the author uses ethos, logos and…...

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