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Execution Strategy

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Execution Strategy
To: Company Management
Date: 10/22/2013
Re: IMS Training Strategy
This memorandum contains strategies for any delays due to changes to the project plan. Due to a high number of projects finishing over-budget in recent years; this memorandum has been drafted to give management an overview of how these changes will be handled. Included in this memorandum are strategies that will ensure the project finishes on time and within budget.
As with any project, possible changes might take place during the planning or development phases of this training program. The possible unplanned changes that can affect deadlines and the project budget can include:
• Project Planning and curriculum development delays
 The project will strictly adhere to the project planning and curriculum deadlines. Management meetings will take place every three days to make sure this is on track.
• Participant Accommodations
 In case of delays, the XXXXX Renaissance Hotel will be contracted to black out 2 additional days for the training participants. These days will not be chargeable to the company unless used.
• Conference Center delays
 Possibility of the planned training site being unavailable due to a number of reasons. An alternate training site will be utilized.
• Training equipment set-up delays
 IT department running into technical issues may adversely affect training deadlines and training completion dates, this can result in additional charges for extended accommodations for participants and additional charges for the conference center. The IT department will be working closely with project management to ensure any issues are brought up and resolved quickly and efficiently.

To meet management expectations, the project management has instituted several methods to achieve these expectations by way…...

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