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Explore Some Aspects of the Ways Your Speech Changes According to the Context You Are in.

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Depending on the context I am in, whether it is social or formal, my idiolect changes accordingly along with my pronunciation of words. An idiolect is someone’s personal language – the words they choose to use, maybe depending on their dialect (the choice of language depending on a region/social group) or accent. I have been brought up to accommodate my idiolect according to who I am with and the situation, therefore it comes naturally to accommodate the way I speak when needed. Majority of my speech is interactional (non-scripted), however, in an interview it may be transactional (partially scripted) or for presentations, rhetorical (mostly scripted).
Firstly, at home, I speak informally but not in slang as my parents do not understand slang. This is evident in “What you making for dinner?” I am comfortable and relaxed around my family as I do not need to create an excellent impression of myself but I do need to maintain a decent impression as both my parents are educated. Therefore, the same is expected off me to speak with proper pronunciation and with clarity. At home, all of my speech is interactional as every conversation will be different and therefore I will have to think on the spot every time as to what I say.
Secondly, in a public, social situation, I am conscious over my choice of language in comparison to whether I speak formally or not as shown in “Why on earth would you do that?” I personally find it disrespectful to swear in public especially with young children around. I believe I think this because of my upbringing; my parents never swore when I was a child as some children may pick it up and swear themselves. I do not think it is good to swear but it I am too used to swearing and it has now become part of my idiolect so I do try limit how much I swear. When I am in public, I have no intentions of creating a good impression of myself, as…...

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