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Due to the Little India Riots, I feel that the foreign workers were the most affected people.
All Indian foreign workers will be stereotyped to be violent people that are the cause of the riot. They will be judged by others and people will avoid having any contact with them. This causes the citizens to forget all their positive contributions to this nation, such as the construction of MRT stations, paving the roads, factory workers in huge manufacturing firms, because of just one incident. This will definitely result in tensions for a long period of time. Indian workers will definitely be criticized and discriminated by Singaporeans. Not all the Tamil Nadu people are bad, it was a misunderstanding and there are also good people from Tamil Nadu. These people like the lifestyle here in Singapore and they have grown to feel at home and rooted to this country. Now that the riot has occurred Despite the riots being a mere misunderstanding and there was no clear indication of who was at fault, the fact that a riot had occurred after such a long time in Singapore has made it such a big issue.
I truly feel that that the Indian workers would be disadvantaged. Employers may just base their facts on the Little India Riots and not hire the Indian foreign workers from now on. Future Indian workers may not even come to Singapore to work anymore because of the generalization that Indian workers are bad people and the fact that discrimination and distrust towards these Indian workers will arise. Singapore will not only lose cheap labour but also people that can help Singapore grow as a country in terms of its economy and boost the culture here. There was a quote by Mr Muthukumar, an Indian worker that was not involved in the riot, “If I was there, I would have tried to stop them, because Singapore has given me a life.’’ All the more this proves that Singapore has positively…...

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