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Family Case Study

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Family case study assignment-2
Nicole Bennett
Family Dynamics
HUS 121

In my family the (Cohesion) level is disengaged, because we all went our different ways and really didn’t get to know one another. It was always one person cause problems with everybody (my grandma). My family is very unbalanced. My mom and I use to be very close (Cohesive). Nothing and no one could have come between us. We had a lot of (togetherness). We was (connected) our dependence was on each other and we trusted no one but us. In my personal relationship we do everything together and when we are apart we really miss each other. I feel we are (connected) to one another. We are (disengaged) from our family and that leaves us to only depend on each other. To my understanding we have a (Enmeshed) relationship. That’s something we both don’t have with our family.

The (flexibility) in my family was great at one point then it fell off. We had a lot of stability within our family. The leadership that we had died. When that happens the (structure) fell apart. Everyone wanted to be the leader instead of sharing it. The unbalanced came in when people couldn’t work together. My family really wasn’t good at change. (Chaotic). When something would happen in the family they would take it as if the world had just ended. The one that was supposed to be the leader or the person that made the family run right could handle what was being thrown their way. So that made everything unbalance. Now that older and in a relationship I can accept change more better because I grew up seeing how my family couldn’t handle certain things made me do stuff a different way.

(Communication) was all that my family seems to do. It may not been all good communication but we did talk with each other. Some people may have listen and some didn’t. I was a great (listener) when I was younger and I am now as I have grown…...

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