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Chapter 1
*Star’s POV* A month passed since the “Star Rescue” happened. We were in Costa Del Sol right now, in the middle of town. I had a new outfit instead of that filthy dress that I have been wearing. All black again, of course. Black pants, black boots, and a black shirt. I walked around in my new boots, “It’s been awhile since I’ve worn shoes. I’m glad we finally made it here. I thought back to the time when we were first introduced here. àFlashback (1 month ago) ß It was the day after the full moon when I met her. Kat is what Reno called her. Cloud seemed to know her too, though I could tell they haven’t met in a long while. “Kat…?” I said, staring at her. She nodded, her face set. Something told me this girl’s been through a lot. She swallowed. Reno spoke up, “I’ve known the girl for a good 10 years. She doesn’t talk much at all. I’ve only heard one sound from her-” He shut his mouth quickly, “Me and my big mouth. Anyways, she’s never spoken. And I’m sure she won’t talk unless she feels the need to-” “I think we get the point, Reno.” I stated, “So your Kat, huh?” I smiled a little at her, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She shook my hand, I felt a jolt of energy pass through us. I blinked in shock, she quickly pulled her hand back. I sighed, then I heard Vincent spoke up, “Now that introductions are over, where should we head next? We need a safe place to be and stock up on supplies.” We stared at Cid’s map of the world. I scratched my cheek, “Well…” I saw a finger point at Costa Del Sol. It was Kat. “Costa Del Sol?” Reno asked, “Isn’t that where that lady you were living with moved too?” Kat nodded, her face a little distant. “Do you think she’ll offer us a stay while we prepare? Without ranting us out to Shinra?” I heard Barret ask her. She nodded, her face dead serious. “Alright.” I said, “We’ll trust…” I side-glanced Reno, “that…...

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