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Midterm Questions

* What is the term that refers to a minor child that has been found to violate the Penal Code?

* A great deal of juvenile delinquency is unknown to the police, these unrecorded delinquency acts are referred to as _________________.

* What is the age at which youths begin their delinquency careers?

* What percent of physically assaulted or abused adolescents reported lifetime substance abuse of dependence? (pg. 167)

* It has been suggested that children who manifest behavior, may have neuro deflects such as damage to the hemispheres of the brain

* You risk behavior survey, monitors health risk behaviors among youth and young adults. Which of the following is true about their health-risk behavior.

* By what year did juvenile exist?

* Residents of cohesive communities develop sense of __________ people know one anouther, develop interpersonal ties, mutual trust, and willingness to intervene in supriviosr of children and help maintain public order.

* Qhat att theories attribute delinquent behavior patterns to childhood socialization and pro-antisocial attachments over life course.

* Latent theory-

* What choice best describes the autoiry conflict pathway?

* Girls reach puberty at an earlier age were viewer as being at a higher risk for delinquence because…

* According to liveral fem increasing female offending patterns are cause by___________?

* According to _____________ theory, gender difference in delinquent rate a function of class difference that influne family life.

* A psychological condition producing mood swings between wild elation and deep depression is called___________.

* By what year did juvenile courts exist in virtually every jurisdiction in every state.

* People commit crime-good behavior reward, bad bejavior is punsh-what theory…...

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