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Federal Government Prevention of Bullying

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Federal Government Prevention of Bullying
We have all heard the words; the words that tear us down and break us apart. A person can only bend so far before they break. No one is immune to it, we are all capable of bullying. By no means is bullying right; often times the repercussions of being bullied are devastating. Although there is no Federal law currently in place to prevent bullying, there are discrimination and harassment laws and many states have anti-bullying laws; there is hope for the Federal government to follow suit in enacting anti-bullying laws.
Bullying in the United States is continuing to get expand, but the awareness of bullying is also increasing. There are several ideas of what exactly bullying is. The most common definition of bullying is “purposeful attempts to control another person through verbal abuse - which can be in the tone of voice or in content such as teasing or threats.” Sometimes the verbal abuse turns into physical abuse. Bullying is not limited to just schools; bullying is taking place in workplaces, homes, nursing homes and even in the military ("Why do People Bully?").
Research has proven that bullying happens more frequently in the middle school age years than any other school years (“New ways to stop bullying”). Over 160,000 children stay home from school every day in fear of being bullied (“Bullying and Suicide”). Seven percent of eight grade students stay home at least one day a month due to continued bullying and harassment by other students. Twenty five percent of all female students skip school because of sexual harassment. Ten percent of all students drop out of school because they are bullied ("Bullying Statistics-Facts"). There is very little evidence to prove the type of location, rural, suburban or urban, affects the extent of bullying. No matter the location, bullying still exists. Males are more likely to bully…...

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