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How the Americas got started North American started to civilize about 35,000 years ago. There was a land mass that acted as a bridge like structure that connected Europe and Alaska. Many natives used this land mass to cross over to the Americas. When the Ice age ended the water level rose over the land mass which was submerged leaving the native that were here stranded with no way to go back across to their land. This is how the first descendants as well as their animal made it into North Americans over the years the natives started settlements of different tribes though out North America, Central, and South Americans. They were the first inhabitants (Axia College2010). These people were nomads which means they moved around a lot. The men of the tribe would hunt and fish for food . They also used Animal hides for their clothes and blankets. The women of the tribe plant gardens they also harvest them for more crops like wheat and corn. They also took care of the home and the children which they took pride in.

They had to adapt to the lands while strengthening the society. They also would share their food with other settlements. They each developed their own language along with their religious belief. Many Europeans came to America by boats and ships through exploration. There were a few explorers by the 1300’s . One was Eric the Red he was a Viking. He was the first European to get to Greenland. Marco Polo (1254-1320) An Italian merchant to travel across Asia through China. He wanted to find a quicker way to get to China so that he could make more trips and sell and buy more goods. The most famous explorer was Christopher Columbus (1492-1506) He sailed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 in hopes of finding a route to India. He is known as the man who discovered the Americas. He made 4 trips to the Caribbean and South America…...

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