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Scene 1 – end of the song…
DJ1: bringing you the latest hitz song of today, im Hafiz… and im Azim on the evening tea time show. Waddup waddup waddup yo that was the song by Carly Rae Jepson, Call me maybe. One of my girlfriend favourite song. Ok hafiz lets get back to our topic for today, the case of fiddle or not to fiddle.
DJ2: Yes Azim, but before that we have a very special gift for you to grab, we have 4 pair of tickets to One Republic concert happening on this 23 October, 2 more days to go people, so hurry up and call now at 03-623 3322.
DJ2: Lets have our first caller for today, hello whose on the line?
C1: Hello its Ali!
DJ1: Yea Ali may I know where are you from?
C1: Im from Rembau.
DJ2: Okay… Ali!! are you ready to win the ticket!?
C1: Yeah!
DJ1: Alright first I want to ask you what do you understand about corporate governance
C1: Well I don’t expect this kind of questions being asked on a radio station, but I think I do know a little bit about corporate governance. It is a system by which a company are directed and controlled. The governance specifies the responsibilities among different participants in the corporation such as BOD, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders. It also specifies the rules and procedure for making decisions in corporate affairs.
DJ2: Alright, I see you know your facts very well Ali. So let’s not waste time, here’s the question, in the fiddle or not to fiddle case, the foreign investor contribute capital and operational expense & thus control 51% of the company’s ownership while the local partner took up 49% of the shareholding. So do you think in terms of CG, it is allowed for the foreign partner to have more controlling power than the local partner?
C1: Well based on the Chinese law, the foreign participant is expected to contribute 25% or more of the venture's registered capital. The PRC does not confine itself to the common practice of permitting 51% percent foreign and 49% percent local.

DJ1: Oh Ali, im sorry but right now u gotta think who u will bring with u to the concert coz u just won urself 2 tickets to One Republic concert this Wednesday. hahahaha

C1: Ohhh thanks a lot!! I will definitely bring my mother along!
DJ2: Alright that’s one happy fan we have for now. Let’s hear it up for the next caller and hope that we could give away another pair of ticket to our lucky winner. Right now we are with Amirul from Kelana Jaya. How r u doing bro?
C2: Yeah I feel very excited right now. One Republic has been my all time favourite band. Can’t wait to win the ticket.
DJ2: U sound so confident. That’s very good but first you need to answer this question!
DJ1: Yeah that’s right Hafiz, alright here’s the question. Do you think that it is fair for the local partner to appoint a Chinese GM on the arguments that the locals were familiar with Chinese law, customs and culture?
C2: Well I don’t think that it is the matter of fairness. It’s the law that govern the joint venture company in China. According to this law, the Chinese participant is accorded the power to appoint the chairman of the board of directors, although the foreign partner may appoint one or two vice-chairmen. The remaining directors' seats are allocated between the parties to the venture and "each director is appointed or removed by his own side.
DJ2: Congratulations Amirul u just book urself a place on the green zone of the concert. The ticket will be sent to ur address. Make sure u have fun there okay?
C2: Thanks man ahhh im so happy right now!
DJ1: Haha enjoy your concert ok. Well guys there’s still good news for u guys out there. Luckily we still have four more tickets. Whose up for the tickets, holla me up right now! Before that here’s a song from
(music skit)
DJ1: Alright we got Ahmad on the line. Whatsapp bro! Are you ready to win a pair of ticket
C3: Yeah hye whatsupp DJ Hafiz and Azim, im ready. Hit me with any question!
DJ2: Wow looks like someones ready to win the ticket, well Ahmad, here’s the question. Which regulatory body is responsible in administering the law for Sino-foreign joint venture in China?
C3: I think its Foreign Economic and Trade Commision (FETC) that are responsible in administering the law for Sino-foreign joint venture in China.
DJ2: Well, can you tell us more about FETC?
C3: Basically the main function of FETC is to formulate the strategies, guidelines and policies of developing domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation, draft the laws and regulations governing domestic and foreign investment in China.
DJ1: Hahaha I think u got it right bro. whats up with all our callers today. They seem to know every answer for every question we ask.
DJ2: You gotta give them some credits man, I think they really dig some information just to win the tickets.
DJ1: Yup, and you know what, we might be able to make another caller happy.
DJ2: Huh, am I missing something?
DJ1: Yes man, we still got our last pair of ticket to give to one lucky caller.
DJ2: Do you hear that guys, hurry and call us up to win the last pair.
(music sikit)
DJ2: This is and u r with me, hafiz and my partner, mirul at evening tea time show. Now we’re back to our give away ticket contest. Its really happening guys. Grab a chance to go to One republic concert with a person of ur choice. That’s right, call us now at 1-300-333-222.
DJ1: Hafiz, its look like we have a caller right now. Whats ur name?
C4: Its malik
DJ2: Okay malik, r u up for the question?
C4: Yeah man, im born ready. Hahah
DJ2: Nice haha. Okay this is the question.
DJ1: What do you think of Mr Zhang having a position in the communist party?
C4: I think by being a member of the communist party, Mr Zhang may not be able to act in the best interest of the shareholder. This is because Mr Zhang will always give higher priority to his party rather than the interest of other shareholders as his loyalty lied with the party and the country.
DJ1: Well that kind of make sense doesn’t it Mr. Hafiz?
DJ2: Yes I think so too. I think it’s the right answer my friend. So what do you say? Should we give the tickets to Mr. Malik here?
DJ1: Yes I think we should give the tickets, why not!? Hahahaha.
DJ2: Alright Mr.Malik, you just won yourself a pair of tickets to the concert!! Congratulations!!!
C4: Wohoooo thanks hitz.
DJ1: You’re welcome malik. Send my regard to one republic alright. Okay before we end our show for today, we have a very special guest today, don’t we Hafiz?
DJ2: Yes that’s right azim, our special guest today, we would like to invite Mr. James. (yeay) welcome to our studio Mr. James. How are you? I’ve heard that you’ve launch a new single recently. So tell me what inspire you to create this song.
James: Oh, I made this song during my final semester in university. And my lecturer inspire me when she gave me the case fiddle or not to fiddle.…...

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