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Fin/370 Ethics and Compliance

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Initially Wal-Mart started out with a single store in Northwest Arkansas. In less than

50 years Wal-Mart has become the world’s biggest retail chain as well acquiring thousands of stores and millions of associates. Ethics and integrity have been continuous

throughout their transformation. Ethics and integrity have defined the company

and how they treat their associates, the suppliers, and their patrons. The values that

guide Wal-Mart’s decision and leadership are; respect for individuals, service to the

customer, and striving for excellence.

This paper can discuss Wal-Mart’s responsibility in regard to the role of ethics and

compliance as it relates to their financial situation. An explanation of the measures used to ensure ethical behavior and recognize the methods used to conform to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) regulations. The past two years of Wal-Mart’s annual reports will be used to assess the company’s financial operations and in calculating their financial ratios. The organization’s trends and their financial well-being will be determined by their financial ratios.
The role of ethics and compliance:

Wal-Mart has three basic components to the role of ethics beliefs and they are “Respect for the individual” which means you should treat everyone with respect and to show consideration for any interaction with customers and co-workers, be courteously and kind at all times. “Service to the Customer” being able to supply the customer with their wants and needs. Welcoming every customer with a smile and provide floor presence that welcome each customer. “Striving for Excellence” requires all of Wal-Marts’ employees to use their talents, abilities, and skills to service their customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Wal-Mart created a Global Compliance…...

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