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Wesfarmers Ltd
Industry: Consumer Services
Sector: General Retailers
General Info as of 03/04/2016 (Currency: AUD)
Price (Previous Close):
Price - 52 Week High:
Price - 52 Week Low:
Median Price Target:
Balance Sheet Statement (Currency: AUD)




Latest Period at:
YoY % Chg

Cash & Short Term Investments

Dividend Yield (Indicated):
P/E (NTM):
Shares Outstanding (MIL):
Market Cap (MIL):


Preliminary results included (if available):


























Receivables - Net







Inventories - Total







Raw Materials







Work In Process







Finished Goods







Short Term Investments

Progress Payments And Other
Prepaid Expenses












Other Current Assets







Current Assets - Total







Long Term Receivables







Investments In Associated Companies



















Other Investments
Property, Plant And Equipment - Net
Property, Plant And Equipment - Gross
















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