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Financial Investment Opportunities

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Assignment Brief #1

Unit Title: Business Strategy __ Unit ID: A/601/0796

Handout date: ........................... Hand in date: ................................

Individual Assignment 1 – Practical Strategic Planning and Formulation Processes Scenario
Learners are required to select a large or medium-size firm in Vietnam (a local or a foreign company); or either learners may choose their own company (if any).
Each learner is assigned to conduct a practical study on the chosen company, and to compare what he/she has learned in classes with the real business activities. The learner has therefore been set two tasks to complete that will enhance his/her knowledge of: * The practical processes of strategic planning of his/her chosen company * The applicable strategic formulation of the business
Each learner is asked to prepare an individual report on the below-mentioned topics. The learner should complete the report for discussion with the selected firm’s senior management which identifies and evaluates a number of key areas and discusses them in a comprehensive way. The learner’s ideas must be supported by evidence of research and readings related to the key themes of the topics.
Task 1 * Provide and explain strategic contexts and terminology– missions, visions, objectives, goals, and core competencies of the chosen company. * Review the issues involved in strategic planning * Explain different planning techniques
(This task provides evidence for outcome #1 – Assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3)
Task 2 * Produce an organizational audit for a given company * Carry out an environmental audit for a given company * Explain the significance of stakeholder analysis
Learners are required to carry out the internal…...

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