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Firms Should Get Their House in Order Before Seeking to Manage Supplier

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Effects of Mega Events on Host Country’s Image: Image of China after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Mega events have intrigued the academia because of the huge impact they have on the host countries. Not only do mega events catalyse urban regeneration, they also have the ability to command international media’s attention. Furthermore, nations have been known to use mega events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and World Fair to rebuild image and draw in tourists to serve the economic development of the region. While the Olympics are one of the most studied mega events, most of them emphasise on the Western perspective probably because only three out of twenty-six Summer Games have been held in Asia. The most recent one is the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which is the focus of this research. In particular, this study aims to explore China’s image change after the event and the influencing factors that contribute to the change.
One’s perception and image change are emotional and subjective; therefore, this research can gain a better insight through qualitative approach. Twenty participants from sixteen countries were recruited and interviewed for 20-30 minutes regarding the Beijing Olympics and related news around that time.
The findings showed that China achieved moderate success in rebuilding its image in the economic and technological aspects. Many interviewees were impressed by its organising ability and modernisation. However, China failed to change its image through the Olympics when human rights violations and media policies were concerned. It was still perceived as a country that persecuted dissentients and suppressed freedom of speech. In addition, a strong sense of mistrust towards the Chinese government was prevalent among the participants. Furthermore, it was found that China did not fully capitalise on the potential media…...

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Firms Should Get Their House in Order Before Seeking to Manage Supplier.

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