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Tatiana Tikhomirova
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3 March 2014
Life Cycle of a Frog Despite the fact that the frog is a small animal, in terms of symbolism, it is of some interest. In ancient Egypt, because of its fertility, as well as a striking transformation from egg to a tadpole, and then in the quadruped animal, the frog was considered strange creature and was a symbol of emerging and ever-renewing life. Often, the ancient gods of care arising out of the mire, depicted with frog heads. Goddess of child-birth, who was a good helper of the popular religion, looked like a frog. (“Heqet”) This essay will describe frog’s transformation from egg to adult frog by three steps. First of all, frogs lay eggs. When multiple eggs stick together, they are collectively known as frogspawn. After fertilization, the innermost portion liquefies to allow free movement of the developing embryo. Most eggs are black or dark brown, and it has the advantage of absorbing heat from the sun, which holds the insulating capsule. Frogs lay a lot of eggs because there are many dangers between fertilization and grown frog. Those eggs that die turn white. Life starts right as the central yolk splits in two. It then divides into four, then eight, etc. Soon, the embryo starts to look more and more like a tadpole, getting longer and moving in egg. Usually, about 6-21 days after being fertilized, the egg will hatch. Most eggs are found in calm or static waters. When the rain comes along, after development of 7 to 9
Tikhomirova 2 days, the foam drips down, drop tiny tadpoles into the river or pond below. (“Life Cycle of a Frog”) The next step is tadpoles. Soon after hatching, the tadpole still feeds on the remaining yolk, which is actually in his gut. Tadpole is currently composed of poorly developed gills, mouth and tail. It's really fragile at this point. As a rule, they will stick to…...

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