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Flour Mills

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Wellington Flour Mills | Wellington Flour Mills (WFM) is engaged in the milling and distribution of premium quality flour products- particularly hard, soft, and specialty flours. All flour products are stringently packed in clean and dry 25-kilogram cotton or polyethylene (PE) bags, and circulated through reputable distribution channels in Metro Manila and select provinces. | PHILIPPINE FOREMOST MILLING CORPORATION | At Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation they offer flour that comes from raw materials. That is why they use only the wheat selected from the different wheat fields in the world.Their products are: * Enriched with Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Iron * Fortified with Vitamin A * Bromate Free | Liberty Flour Mills, Inc. | The products of the Company consist mainly of flour products. The following is a description of the primary products produced by the Company:BAKERY FLOUREL SUPERIOR AND LFM BAKERSEl Superior and LFM Bakers are flour products of the Company which generally undergo the same processes as the other flour products that the Company produces. Unlike the Pine Tree and LFM Soft brands, these products are hard variety of flour best for making pandesal and loaf bread. El Superior is marketed exclusively by Parity Values, Inc., while LFM Bakers is marketed by Liberty Commodities, Corp.PINE TREE AND LFM SOFTPine Tree and LFM Soft are soft variety of flour undergoes are best used for making biscuits and cookies. Pine Tree is marketed by Trade Demands, Inc. while LFM Soft is marketed by Liberty Commodities, Corp.MAYA ALL-PURPOSE FLOURMaya All-Purpose Flour is a kind of flour which undergoes a special process.MILL FEEDMill Feed is a flour by-product which is used for animal feeds. | General Milling, Corporation | GMC offers a complete line of high-quality flour products. They are meeting the demands of the bakery industry by producing over 55,000 bags of flour a day. General is the flagship brand, while other fast-selling flour products are marketed under Islands, Swan, Red Bowl, Swans Down, Commodore, Flagship, Baker's Choice, Imperial and Vinta. | Pilmico Foods, Corporation | Their flours are Hard Wheat Flour, Soft Wheat Flour and Other Wheat-Related Products. |…...

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