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The Florence Nightingale Theory In Nursing Today
Anna Blestel

Garnder Webb University


The Nightingale theory states that the environment plays a major role in the health of the patient. Nightingale isolated four essential components: environment, person, health, and nursing. The components of the Nightingale theory still apply today in the field of nursing. Nursess use nursing interventions that incorporate each of these these components in the clinical setting.

F N Theory

Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 in Florence , Italy. She was named after the city where she was born. She was born into a wealthy family. At that time in history this allowed her to have an education. Her education became a burden for her because society cast its role for wealthy females at that time in history. "Hers was to be an idle ornament in the household for a wealthy father or husband" (Chin & Kramer, p. 30). Nightingale rebelled against the role she was born into and chose to do something that would help the poor make a difference in their life. In 1844 she left home for Kaiserwerth, Germany. It was here that she obtained training as a nurse with the protestant sisters at Kaiserwerth Hospital (Chin & Kramer, p. 31). She had made some friends, one being XXXX her to take a group of nurses to care for the soldiers in the Crimean War. Her nursing mission in the army hospitals demonstrated that women could practice nursing professionally and morally under the most adverse circumstances (Macrae, 1947, p. 106). Her service in the military helped to change the way nursing was thought of at that time in history. It was after the war that Nightingale set about to make changes in nursing. Her first big step towards…...

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