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The Fountainhead
1 The metaphorical significance of the preface that I noticed was the fact that Ayn rand talked about the success of the book and tries to clear some misconceptions of her writing. I think it was supposed to ready the reader for that kind of dedication to work. Ayn rand took it upon her to make sure her on to got across which demonstrated how serious she was about her work. This also comes to play with the paradox she uses to also characterize Roark. A paradox is something that does not goes and is even considered illogical or unacceptable. This is the exact definition of Roark in general. Because he is so unique with his views in architecture he is ostracized by his career field which makes his independent demesne even more noticeable.
2.. The meeting with the dean reveals that Roark has a mind which is hard to understand at times but ultimately he has a very valid point with his philosophy. He takes pride in his work and won’t put up anything that lacks originality. The rules tell us that Roark despises when people don take the time to make their work express a part of themselves. When the dean says that “an architect is not in end to himself” he meant to say an individual person is not meant to make history or change anything. The story does not end or start with you. An architect’s job is to simply add to the past of our ancestors in attempt to reach there greatness. An objectivist would defiantly reject the idea because the belief system is all about selfishness and bettering oneself first. The purpose of this scene is to introduce us to this kind of demeanor through the action of Roark.
3… Roark’s architectural views are not similar to his peers because he has rules to fallow. Not rues he follows for a job or a school but internal rules he feel obligated to fallow because of his philosophy or moral standards. He is very different for stated he rejects buildings who are not built with in a style another type period. Roark focusing on the present and angular lines. He ignores all the superfluous details and focuses on what is needed and practical.
4.. like I said before that basis of his belief in building is that there is need to add things to a building unless its absolutely necessary. You were not being honest to the home or house you were building. Buildings were built with columns supporting nothing at all and windows worth ornaments and every thin imaginable. This is wrong, or at least Mr. Roark’s thinks so. Every building had its own purposes’ on this world so consequently they should also be individually designed. For the different surroundings, size, material and any variable that changed the
5… Peter Keating is described mostly by being an uneasy character that seems to be jealous of other while also being full of himself. When he graduated he was top of the class but his “nemesis” was pretty close too. When he thought of the fact he beat him he instantly became happier. Especially when he thought of Roark, a former threat getting kicked out of school.hark because e is defintly a foil to Roark becus there goal I life is the complete opposite. While peter stives to climb the architect latter and become rich and famouse , roark can careless avbout that and just wants to work and build buildings the way he sees them and bringd nim Joy.
6.. Henry Cameron is a modernist who became very well known in his time and even gained a certain degree of fame. Unfortunately he did not remain in the spotlight for light. He later lost his career but was able to work with Roark for a while. I always saw it that Cameron served as Roark’s supplement and encouragement as funny as that must sounds. But I think that all the suffering that Cameron went through pushed him to show people that his work was worth something. Guy Franco could be said to be he opposite of Cameron. He is the boss of his own architect firm which was one of the most prominent in the city.
7… Howard roarks source o…...

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