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My first never – gettable love

It was 2002. And I had just shifted to a new school. It was hard getting through the entrance as it was an ARMY SCHOOL and it one of the many average students with high hopes and get nothing. It was the first time I knew what girls really are. But that wasn’t so. I was just an dumbass who knew how to take advantage of an extra bulky figure. It was a time when girls used to pull down their socks to flaunt their legs and guys were into all sorts of fights, love and all crap.

It was a very hot sunny day in Jammu and I saw a girl with skirt ending above the knee and smooth legs. Ohh.. I love those a lot. I was into watching porn and had started imagining her having sex with me. I had just fallen in love …. That is what all my friends said when they saw a hot girl. Her name was Shikha, daughter of an army personnel. She was great to talk to. But I was into something dangerous. That was the first time I went to a café to search how to propose a girl. YouTube had all such things. I was so dumb that couldn’t even tell her how I felt. Days, Weeks, Months and Years passed by and then came the time I heard that she was leaving the school because her dad was transferred to some other place. I was in eighth and didn’t had guts to even say her BYE. Because I never had a conversation with a girl before. Forget conversation not even a HI. She left and then started my downfall. I lost grades. But as you know wounds heal with time.

The dream

It was 2006 and I somehow managed to reach 10th class. All the tension and pressure of giving board exams had struck. But as usual I was the same as before ….. girls were the only thing in my mind. I almost felt like a nymphomaniac. And then came the day I saw my first love……. Shivani. She was not hot but fair and a few extra pounds made me think that I would easily get her. I started talking to her and we became good friends. I went to her home quite a lot as she was a Kashmiri Girl and I am a Kashmiri too.

Then came the most feared part of my life … the Boards. I had always heard that it was really hard getting through the papers and for me it was harder as I failed in all the pre-boards. It was our science paper and Shivani was very good at that.

Mom can I go to Shivani’s place to study?? I asked hesitantly

No … Stay at home and study.

At that time it was a very big deal staying at a friend’s place and that too a girl.

Please mom??

No … Don’t you understand this once??

But mom she has asked me to come..

Ok let me ask your dad first??

I waited for very long five minutes and then came a voice, Mannu tu chale ja par pahunch ke phone karna??

That is awesome, I thought.

And within minutes there I was alone with the girl whom I always wanted to be with. Her parents and elder sister were out of town on some relative’s marriage or something. I thought that I didn’t stand any chance with her. We were sitting and studying it was midnight and I already felt like sleeping but then came a voice

Mahim?? She said

Haan Bol??

Lets just talk for while I am feeling sleepy.


We started talking about the boyfriend girlfriend stuff when suddenly she asked

“What would you do if I was your girlfriend and you are alone in the house with me as we are now?”

It was struck with silence and not knowing what to say.

Then I said in a low tone “I will rip the clothes off you.”

‘That’s boring Mahim. Where are the details?!?! The fun is in the details!’ She said.

‘Okay. Fine fine.’ She was really having fun at my expense.

‘I run my fingers down your neck…as my lips are in breathing down heavily on your neck …You look up with your dreamy eyes with quivering lips…’

‘I hold you by your neck and my lips lay on your bare neck, my tongue on your skin and I press you onto me… Your breasts against mine as you dig your claws on to….My hands wander your back and untie the straps of your dress and it slides down your body and my fingers caress your back….and clench you….’

‘Go on.’ She said, no longer smiling. She was breathing heavy and her hand had crept on to my thigh. I just hoped that I didn’t say anything as her hands grazed and moved up my thigh.

‘You step out of your dress, your huge ripe breast lay naked in front of me, as I lunge on to you and kiss you on the lips, long and deep, my hands all over you, pulling the last shreds of clothes off you laying you naked….’

She clenched her hand on my thigh harder and added, ‘….and I fight to get your shirt off you, and hastily unbuckle your belt and let your manhood free….go on….’ She breathed heavier.

‘Our naked bodies collide……skin against skin, tongue against tongue, fire against fire as I take you down. We fight for dominance, as you struggle beneath me, as I pin you down harder, and get deeper inside you….as you moan and bite my neck just to keep yourself from screaming. I bite you back and you let go, letting out a huge scream.’

‘…..And I beg you to fuck me harder…’ She said under her continued heavy breath.

‘And I gladly oblige against the wall, against the table, on the table, on the bed…..I take you down. My back becomes a battlefield for your nails; your breasts become the same for my teeth…..’

‘Mahim!!’ A crackling sound hit my ear as I opened my eyes and saw sunlight dancing down my face because the curtain was moving.

As soon as I opened my eyes I saw her standing in front of me and saying, ‘Get up…you need to go home and get ready for the exam.’

Everything was in place, nothing had moved a bit. I asked to myself, ‘How can it be so clean after all the menace we had done the previous night.’

Suddenly I felt that it was a dream as I had slept the time she asked me to talk to her. It felt like shit.

I said to myself, ‘Ye to KLPD ho gayi bhai…!!! ’

KLPD??? Khade l*** pe dhokha…

I was not in any mood to say even a bye to her and went back home. From the time I reached home till the time the paper started, I thought that what I had seen will come true or not.

Then the exams went on.

‘You bastard you must have thought like this about every girl?’ Rj asked.

No, not at all.

‘Ok leave. I don’t want to talk about this.’

Anyways, how did your papers go? She asked

‘Awesome, but the result was a bit different than I thought.’ I said

‘What happened after that?’ She asked in curiosity.

Wait let me breathe.

And then I started again.

Living the dream

It was a very fine morning but not as fine as I would have liked it to be. It was the result day.

Get up fast, Mannu? Mom shouted from the other room.

Let me sleep mom. Holidays are still going on.

Your result is out. Go to the cyber café and see your result and forget to bring the print out of the marks card.

‘Okay maa.’ I shouted back.

Then I took a bath and went to the cyber café. I didn’t believe what I had seen.

‘70 percent’ I exclaimed.

I was not able to believe what I had seen.

I was very happy.

I rushed to my house and as soon as I entered the door I shouted, ‘Mom I got 70 percent.’

Thank God. I didn’t expect that you would pass seeing your performance in the Pre Boards.

I called Shivani and asked ‘How much did you get?’

’83 percent’ she said.

I was shell shocked. But she was studying seriously and was hard working during the exams and more.…...

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