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READ THE DESCRIPTION note:Press the skip ad to watch.. click here for link: part 1: part 2:

EPISODE 2: part 1: part 2:

EPISODE 3: EPISODE 4: part 1: part 2:

EPISODE 5: EPISODE 6: EPISODE 7: EPISODE 8: EPISODE 9: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 10: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 11: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 12: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 13: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 14: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 15: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 16: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 17: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 18: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 19: part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4:

EPISODE 20: If you want to download the episodes just paste the url of the video at…...

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...1. A social support network, group of friends and a means of "fitting in", for students away from home. 2. A social calendar, possibly including some events in the community that members have never tried before, and date parties and formals for significant others to attend. 3. Academic support, whether that is friendly academic competition within the chapter, homework help and tutoring by other members, incentives for academic success, disincentives for poor academic performance, mandatory study hours, opportunities to meet faculty at chapter events, textbook swapping, etc. 4. A lifetime network of friends. Alumni from my chapter and many others have remained friends, even decades after graduation. 5. Leadership and organizational experience through holding chapter officerships. 6. Athletic opportunities through fraternity/sorority intramural sports teams. 7. Social skills. Recruitment is a great way for fraternity members to learn how to talk to people, answers questions effectively, and practice their salesmanship, essential skills for future careers. 8. Networking. Alumni can help you find jobs in their organizations, or give strong recommendations to other who may be looking to hire. 9. Meeting other people from around the country. Through going to Greek leadership conferences and retreats, I have met hundreds of members of my fraternity, and other fraternities and sororities, from all over the U.S. and Canada. There's no other way I could have done this in......

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...A Reflection Paper on Frat Man The play Frat Man was truly a unique play to have seen. As part of the discipline office’s campaign against fraternity involvement, there was a lot to learn out of it. The play’s lead character was a young man, a student, who decided to join a fraternity. The boy was just a regular student in every sense; however, he decided to join a fraternity after being convinced by his friend to do so. After successfully becoming a part of a fraternity, he found himself getting into a little bit of trouble involving a girl he is trying to pursue and her ex-boyfriend. The girl’s ex-boyfriend got jealous due to the lead character’s advances towards the girl. Interestingly enough, the ex-boyfriend was part of a rival fraternity which sparked an all out frat war against the lead character and his respective fraternity. Sadly, this frat war led to the lead character’s demise because he was shot while the frat war was occurring. That was basically how the play ended. The ending was a solemn reminder of how fraternity involvement can lead to lives being wasted for something so petty all magnified into an explosion of chaos. Though not all fraternities are violent or destructive, most of them are nowadays. I think with the youth today, the sense of a fraternity has gotten lost in translation. Fraternities were supposed to be brotherhoods where in each of the members are there to protect his fellow members. However, protecting doesn’t mean you have to start fights......

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...Frat Fail : A Mystery “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible...”- Oscar Wilde. One cloudy Tuesday at Texas State University, two sorority sisters, Ashley and Molly decide to go to the Kappa Sigma frat house mixer, where Brian and his best friend Chad live. Chad and Ashley had been dating since junior year in high school, Ashley believed nothing ever was going to tear them apart, so she thought. As the mixer began Chad and Brian met with Ashley and Molly and were enjoying themselves and they had not one care in the world. Around midnight, Ashley and Brian realized they had been talking for almost two hours and Ashley saw no sight of her boyfriend anywhere, she turned to Brian and asked, “ have you seen Chad anywhere?” Brian sighed and knew it would soon be time to break the news to Ashley. Brian earlier that night walked into Chad’s room to find an extra shirt because he spilt his drink on his, only to find a shiny diamond earring by his bed, he knew Ashley wore pearls and realized the scandal he just uncovered. He knew Ashley deserved to belong with him all along. Brian, Chad’s best friend had been in love with his beautiful girlfriend since before they started dating, he could just never admit it. Brian began talking, “ Ashley there’s something I, but suddenly was interrupted abruptly by the recluse of the frat brothers, Lynx Hawthorne. “Hey Brian, Ashley, I was just looking for some food somewhere, I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes since 9!” as...

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...the median. The Frat House will utilize a concentration approach marketing strategy, a market segmentation approach whereby a company develops one marketing strategy for a single segment (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2009, p. 371.) It will attempt to cater to the varied taste, needs, and desires of low income and middle income consumers. Currently there is a small segment of retailers who sell fraternal and Greek organization paraphernalia and those that do tend to sell the same products; creating a very limited selection of products for consumers to chose from. The jewelry and apparel created and sold at The Frat House Jewelry Box allows our customers to display their pride and appreciation for their beloved organizations and also allows them an opportunity to express their individuality, at the same time. The inventory will be affordable, unique, and fun. The pricing strategy for The Frat House Jewelry Box will be psychological pricing which motivates consumers to buy based on emotional rather that rational reactions to the price (Ferrell et al., 2009). Symbolic/prestige pricing, allows consumers to assume that high prices denote high quality, so the prices for the items sold in Frat House will be set accordingly. Items will be priced in the moderate to high range based upon this thought process and assuming that customers will automatically assume items are of a higher quality and are more distinctive. Moreover, the marketing channel for Frat House will be......

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