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Freidman’s Assessment of the Quant-Olson Family
Olivia Bertram
Tarleton State University
NURS 3360-010 Family and Community Health Nursing
Nancy Gaither, MSN, RN
Dokagari Woods, PhD, RN
April 20, 2016
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Family Assessment Paper Freidman’s Assessment of the Quant-Olson Family
Including identifying data
The persons in this paper are fictional. The Q-O’s live in Weatherford, Texas. They are a Catholic Caucasian family who are considered low class. They are considered a single parent, extended family who are currently unable to move out of their social class due to their lack of financial stability to move into the next class. They work as much as they can but are not able to keep up with the demands of their necessities. When their family size grew so did their hardships (Quant-Olson, personal communication February 24, 2016). Upon interviewing the family looks down and turns red when asked questions about financial insecurities.
Developmental Stage and History
The Quant-Olson’s are in several stages of development due to the ages of the children and their unconventional composition. They have school aged children and teenage children. The older children have not been able to…...

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