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Future Life with Toys

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From: Zeng Yu
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Date: 2/11/15
Subject: Children’s toy

Future Life with Toys
Tags: Toy, Gender Stereotype

Above picture comes from Liuyuhen’s tumblr. This is a typical gender stereotype for children’s toy. Girl will get dolls or anything that female should have. And boy will get cars or anything can represent muscling. Color of the toy is also different for each gender. Girl normally will get toy that is pink, red or purple. Boy will get toy that is black, blue or grey. This social construct norm create stereotype for two genders and potentially affect children’s future career.
The difference between two genders’ toy reflect adults’ expectation for their children. Women are assumed to do in-house work or light work such as baby sitting, housekeeping and supporting work (like nurse). Men are assumed to do out-house work or heavy work such as joining army, constructing and political work. When children receive their toys, the toy will represent their future expectation from their parents. When children grow up with these stereotypes and expectations, they might have subconscious feeling about what they should behave or what they should do in order to fit these social construct norm.
Some opponents might argue that when children getting older and have their own independent consciousness, this doesn’t necessarily mean they grow up to be in-house worker or out-house worker. However, several studies are showing that toy could affect children’s career. According to an article “Do children's toys influence their career choices?” written by Vanessa Barford from BBC News, “Boys toys tend to contain didactic information, with technical instructions and fitting things together with Lego and Meccano, whereas girls' toys tend to be around imaginative and creative play, which develop different skills (Barford).” Because toys are designed to develop…...

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