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Future of Earth

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1) How fast is the human population increasing according to the video (there is more than one correct answer)? More than 2 people every second

2) What is (or could be) the greatest threat to the planet according to the video? Humans or ourselves

3) How many people were living on the planet at the time that Sir David Attenborough was born? Just under 2 billion people

4) What is the name of the group that Sir David Attenborough supports and what is its main focus? The Optimum Population Trust. Their main focus is to reduce birth rates

5) For how long has every human birth and death on the planet has been reliably recorded, and where are those data kept? For the last 60 years. It is kept in New York City at the United Nations

6) How many more people will the Earth need to accomodate in the next 40 years? 3 billion people

7) Which country will be have the largest population in the future? India

8) Name of at least two countries whose population will surely decrease in the future. Japan, Russia, Germany, and much of Eastern Europe

9) For most part of the last 10000 years earth's population did not increase much. When did it start to increase significantly? The 1800s

10) Why from that point on the human population started to increase? Because infectious diseases have been massively reduced

11) What's the name of the English clergyman who wrote an important essay on population growth toward the end of the 18th century? Thomas Malthus

12) How much water does an astronaut need daily according to NASA? 3.52 liters, 2.5 liters is actually consumed

13) How much water is needed to "produce" a cup of coffee? 120 liters

14) What's the name of the lake in central Asia who's lost 90% of its water in the last 40 years? The Aral Sea

15) What's the name of the process used to "extract" fresh water from the sea? Desalination

16) What's the…...

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