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ãhvãn ‘ 12 and Cognizant present

Chanakya 2012

Round 1 Caselets


There are 5 cases outlined below. You are required to solve a minimum of TWO cases and a maximum of THREE cases of your choice. However, the two best cases will be considered for evaluation.

The analysis and recommendations for each case should be based on the case facts only.

Reasonable assumptions, if any, should be stated upfront and based on the information in the case.

All caselets carry equal weightage.

The solutions of the caselets should be restricted to 2 pages.

The solutions should only be submitted in the format specified in the attached template.

The deadline for sending entries is 30th September, 2012 11:59 p.m.

The answers should be mailed to The subject of the mail should be “Chanakya_Round1_CaseletNo1_CaseletNo2_CaseletNo3” (Example
Chanakya_Round1_2_4_5). The entries should be in pdf format. The document should be named as TeamName_CaseletNo1_2_3 (Example TeamX_2_3_5).

The results of the first round will be updated on the facebook page and will be mailed to the individual teams that qualify as well.

You can follow us on facebook at and at twitter at

In any case of dispute, the decision of the organizing team will be final and binding.

Caselet 1: NDC (Naren Diagnostics Clinic)

Dr. Naren is a popular and leading radiologist in India. Being a very successful practitioner, he is also philanthropic in nature and tries to give as much free consulting services to the needy and the poor as possible. Owing to these reasons he had progressively reduced giving his time to his own diagnostic clinic and trained several highly qualified…...

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