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One Piece
Chapter 1: Alex

It was a harsh day for Alex Newgate, tears trickling down her cheeks as she walked to a place she never knew she would come to so fast. She stood in front of her now late father’s grave and offered white roses, trembling as she does so.
It was the end of the Marineford war between the Whitebeard pirates and the government also known as the Marines. Many have fallen and only a few were left breathing, me being one of them cried once I saw my father covered in blood from the enemies and his own. All the pirates that have been left alive wept in tears too as they see their strong captain who treated them all like his children, down on the grass, lifeless. I looked around at the aftermath and saw another sad scene between brothers.
Monkey D. Luffy, a high bounty pirate was crying while carrying the body of his weak brother. He even shouted out loudly that everyone can hear his pain. He then laid his brother’s body down on the side of a rock and looked down in pain and sorrow, considering that he was very close to him.
“It was harsh, wasn’t it?” I asked Luffy with a gentle voice as I walked closer to the two.
“Yeah…” He trailed of in a soft tone, not tearing his eyes away from the ground.
“You know, I think ace won’t want to see you like this” I said mentioning his brother’s name as I sat down on the ground next to him, trying to hide my own tears.
“I guess so, he never wants me to save him or else he’ll feel weak” he replied with a small chuckle at the end.
‘Luffy,” a voice called out from the side of the forest, making Luffy look up to see Jinbei, one of the 7 Warlords that were in the battle.
“I need to speak to you alone” he gestured. I stood up and walked away, not wanting to intrude.
I walked back to the path leading to my father but stopped after feeling a slight shake. Out of curiosity I went back silently to look on what was going on. I was only able to them from a very far side to avoid them catching me and saw what was going on. I wasn’t able to hear Jinbei’s words though, as I was far away from the two. The sight though, was something I was surprised to see. When it ended I quickly ran away and hoped the next day would be hopeful.
I ran a bit more until I bumped into someone and fell down. I looked up to see Silvers Rayleigh, the pirate king’s closest friend. I apologized and continued running but stopped when a heard him talking to Luffy. I listened carefully, hearing the words ‘training’ and ‘new era’ basically.
‘I guess he’ll have to improve for the New World huh?’ I thought lastly before I ran to the ship that was full of scratches.
“I hope you’re doing ok there dad.” I said while looking up at the sky and continued walking to a very special room in the ship.
It was a new day and I was still inside the room looking around the things left behind. Most of them were journals of the places the pirates have gone to. And yet one caught my eye. It was a bracelet with 3 pearls and a decoration made out of cloth. This was something I had made when I was only little, and my father had treasured for years.
“Alex” someone knocked and let himself in.
“Rayleigh?” I called out in confusion.
“You yourself have to prepare for the New World.” He said
“But why?”
“You are not going to just stay in this ship Newgate. You will have to move on yourself.”
“But I don’t want to leave!” I shouted.
“Your father wouldn’t be pleased about this” He said, which hit a memory of mine from earlier.
‘I may be gone, but please don’t cry. Have adventures with people you love, and keep me in your mind’
“There’s no one else I can be with, all of them are gone. So how am I supposed to be prepared on my own?” I asked while I still held the bracelet.
“I will help you. I promised your father I would and I wouldn’t break that promise.” He said.
“I- I guess”
“You shall prepare then, you are not allowed to bring anything tomorrow. We will start at the Calm Belt Forest” He said and left
I slid the bracelet onto my upper arm and decided to read the old adventures before going to the Marineford war. I wondered on what might happen during my training for the new era. Will I really learn? I had mastered the 2 willpowers; the Observation Haki and the Shield Haki. But then again I need to improve on my fighting skills.
“Would this even be for the better?” I asked myself with all these thoughts clouding my brain. Looks like I’ll have to see where this could go, or I’ll never be able to turn back.
I stood up and prepared a simple meal for myself after seeing that it was dark outside and silently ate. I cleaned up after and looked around the ship that has not been touched for a while. No one stayed in the ship anyway, now that their captains are gone, and a number of crewmates were left behind, they had no choice but to leave the crew which leaves the ship deserted. I looked up and saw that the flag was still left up. I might as well put it down so I went up and untied the flag, making it fall down to the dock. I went back down and folded the flag and put it in the special room carefully, trying not to rip it.
“I better prepare for tomorrow” I said to myself and went to a hammock in the bed rooms.
“Goodnight dad” I whispered to a picture and fell asleep.
I woke up and got ready to face the challenge I have starting now and went to the forest. I saw Rayleigh from a distance, about to be hit by an animal.
“Rayleigh! Behind you!” I shouted, but not loud enough to be heard of. I ran as fast as I can yet halted abruptly after seeing what happened.
He dodged the animals attack and looked it in the eye, scaring the animal as it ran away almost instantly. It surprised me that he used a very rare will power at the end; Conqueror’s Haki.
“You can come out you know” he said to me all of a sudden. I didn’t question it and walked forward.
“Shall we start?” He asked.
“Yes sir!” I answered happily and followed him to a group of pirates next to Luffy.
“They will be with us” he reminded me while pointing at the big group.
“Nice to meet you again! I’m Luffy the soon owner of the One Piece and Pirate King!” I greeted happily to me.
“Nice meeting you too! My name’s Alex Newgate” I greeted trying to keep myself calm.

Well, this should go great.


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