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Games That Test Your Mental Capacities

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Logic wars

Alegre, I
Babac, R
Ga, J.
Nemenzo, K.
Sangho, M
Silva, G.

First event: Riddle me this
The first event will involve 3 sets of riddles and a whole lot of courage. Each team will choose one brave participant to go inside the panic room for a quick challenge that we have prepared. It will then lead your team to the first riddle set. After your team has completed or has used a “pass.” Your team must then return to the room but must choose a different member to go inside, which will then lead them to the second set of riddles and so on. The team with the lowest score will be eliminated.
Scoring: Retrieving the destination of the Riddle Master (The one facilitating or giving out the riddles.): * 1 minute or less: 5 points * 1 – 3 minutes: 3.5 points * 3 – 5 minutes: 3 points * 5 - 6 minutes: 2 points * 6 minutes above: 1 point
Answering the Riddles: each riddle answered: 5 points
* Within 5 minutes: 10 points * Within 8 minutes: 6 points * Within 12 minutes: 4 points * Within 15 minutes: 2 points
Note: Teams can “pass” a riddle but cannot return to the unanswered riddle after.
Second Event: Brain Trauma
Each member will have a certain injury inflicted on them. It would either be their eyes, mouth, hands or legs, the injured body parts will be tied with a handkerchief and will be unusable all throughout the event. Each team will then be free to roam around after being given a certain clue that will lead them to each one of the 3 facilitators which will then give them one question. The answer of the 3 questions will be the last clue in order for the team to solve the real riddle. The first three teams to answer the last riddle will move on to the next round or the one with the least destinations covered in the longest time will be eliminated.
Rules and Scoring: * No exchanging injuries * use of the injured body parts will be punished with a 5 point deduction for every offense * Each facilitator will only accommodate one team, “first come, first serve” * For each wrong answer an injury will be added * If one member has all the injuries he is considered “dead” and will cost your team a 10 point deduction
Answering Questions: * Within 7 minutes: 15 points * Within 15 minutes : 10 points * Within 20 minutes: 5 points * 21 minutes and above: 2 points
Third Event: Private Investigator
Summon your inner Sherlock Holmes. All teams will be given 2 cases to solve, the facilitators will be the suspects and it’s up to the team to crack the case. There will be a series of clues and facts scattered around 3 locations and the first team to connect all the clues will be declared the winner. The last team to solve the remaining case will move to the next event. The team who fails to solve a case will be eliminated.
Fourth Event: Face facts
The two remaining teams will participate in a debate. Each team will be given a topic that they must defend based on facts and valid statements. Each member will be given the chance to speak.
Rules and scoring: * Teams will be given only 2 minutes to discuss their facts * The opposing team gets to pick his/her opponent * Each member can only participate once * Opposing teams cannot disturb one another while speaking * Sentence Structure 20% * Composure 10% * Sentence delivery 20% * Relevance of facts 35% * Impact 10%
* Panic Room:
The participant of each group will be blindfolded and placed in a room with 8 boxes to which the destination of the riddle masters are hidden. * Expenses: 50 pesos each * Location: C13 and USLS campus * Time: within one hour with 15 minutes allowance…...

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