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Gcse Business Unit 3

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Activity 3 Topic | Information needed | Sources of information used | Gathered by?(date) | Completed by?(date) | Stakeholders | Number of employees, what they do in main jobs, examples of pay for main jobsNumber of shareholders, latest declared dividend if the business is a companyAmount of tax paid in latest accounts Facts and figures on the local people and organisationsTurnover of the business & facts and figures on number and type of customers, including market share | Internet Edexcel business textbookTalking to employeesTalking to the store owner | 2/2/2013 | 9th February 2013 | Attracting and retaining customers | Market shareProducts offeredPrices chargedPlaces where products are available, including onlinePromotion including activities other than advertising(Include evidence from 1. Compare and contrast main competitors) | Talking to the customersInternet Talking to employees | 2/2/2013 | 9th February 2013 | Conflict between stakeholders | An example of a situation when there was conflict between two stakeholders | InternetTalking to the employees | 2/2/2013 | 9th February 2013 |

Evaluation of why stakeholders are important to Morrison’s PLC
The meaning of stakeholders is when people or organisations have interest in the business. By having too many stakeholders it could cause a conflict between the stakeholders because different groups may have different interests.
The stakeholders of Morrison’s PLC: * Shareholders (owners) * Customers * Employees (staff) * Suppliers * Local community * Government

Morrison’s PLC are owned by shareholders there are exactly 39,239 private shareholders that partly own the business, these private shareholders own 84.55% of the business which is the most from this it shows that the private shareholders are mainly responsible of investing in the business because from…...

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