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Baseille Richardson 11/16/11 ` Gender defender Many stereotypes have developed over the years for males. The stereotypes help mold the image of how society views an ideal man. However, some stereotypes are outdated and in some cases, far from the truth, leading to inaccurate assumptions of how a male is suppose to act or think. Women also have old common stereotypes, but they are less prominent since it’s becoming common knowledge that those stereotypes don’t fit the majority anymore in today’s day and age. These male stereotypes only single out and amplify societal pressure on men. Not only pressure from other women but on fellow males. Male stereotypes portray males in the wrong light and can hinder the social development and acceptance for one who does not fit into the ideal view of a man. In Judy Brady’s, “I Want a Wife” Brady takes a satirical approach to showcasing how men think when evaluating a wife. She plays the role of a typical male and lists all the attributes this male would love to have for a wife. He wants his wife to cook, clean and take care of the kids. He also wants the wife to listen to him when he wants her to, but doesn’t want to feel obligated to listen to her when she needs to(361 Brady). However, this essay is a dated essay written around 1970, so these views are very old and should be seen as absurd in the present day. Surprisingly, some women still feel this is an accurate portrayal of men’s thoughts on a female partner. One female from Queens, New York says “Guys aren’t going to care about hearing you complain. Hah! I never had a boyfriend who really sat down with me and talked with me about my issues that I wanted to talk about.” Most men aren’t that heartless and do considered the feelings and thoughts of their female partner. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, it is appropriate and recommended to…...

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