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Generations: Baby Boomers Gen X & Gen Y

Baby Boomer Information


Description of Baby Boomers
 “Shockwave”  “By the sheer force of its

 “Pig in the Python”
 “Baby boomers had a

placid childhood in the 1950’s which helped inspire them to start their revolution”

numbers, the boomers were a demographic bulge which remodeled society as it passed through it”

Special Characteristics of Baby Boomers

 Boomers are associated with privilege because

many grew up in a time of affluence

Baby Boomer
 Baby boomer is a general term mainly used to

describe those babies born during Post World War II

Baby Boomer Identities
 Grew up in a time of social change  A strong pull between a culturally strong older

generation and a newer conservative generation

Spiritual Beliefs
 

42% of all baby boomers walked away from formal religion 1/3 of all baby boomers never strayed from their religious beliefs ¼ of all baby boomers are starting to return to church, however their liberal views on abortion and homosexuality cause disagreements

Boomers Coming of Age Around the World
Britain Obsessed over Beatle mania Italy Wearing Mod Clothes and Buying the World a Coke India Focusing on new philosophical discoveries Canada United States

Organizing Driving to support for Woodstock Pierre and organizing Trudeau, 15th against the prime minister Vietnam War of Canada

Baby Boomers and Music
 

Rock n Roll defined the baby boomer generation Transistor radios gave teenagers the opportunity to listen to the Beetles and Motown music The Beetles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan sang songs that made baby boomers feel connected

Most Important to the Baby Boomers
 A study conducted in 1985 asked baby boomer adults

“What World Events over the past 50 years were especially important to them?”

1946-1955 Baby Boomers
 What is Most Important?
Memorable Events Assassination of JFK Characteristics Experimental Important People Tony Blair (Former UK Prime Minister) Bill Clinton George W. Bush

Walk on the Moon Drug Experimentation Intoxicating Recreational Substances Civil Rights and Women's Movement

Individualism Free Spirited

Focus on Social Causes Sexual Freedom

Jimi Hendrix

The Beetles

Baby Boomers 1956-1964
 What was considered most important?

Memorable Events Watergate Nixon Cold War Lowered Drinking Age Gasoline Shortage

Characteristics Less Optimistic Distrust of Government General Cynicism

Important People Barack Obama Douglas Coupland Deborah Harry Annie Lennox

Aging and Baby Boomers
 Baby boomers for the most part do not discuss or

plan for their death  Avoid long-term planning

Impact of History
 In 1967 Time magazine named the “Boomer” as the

“Man of the Year”  The generation following the baby boomers called Generation X had much to live up to and many feel they have been in the shadows of the boomers, many times they are called whiners, slackers and the doom generation

Gen X

Generation X 1965 – 1981

Gen X & The Economy
Gen X was born during an economic downturn Gen X experienced layoffs of their own as a result. Little trust in corporations

Gen X
  

Fall of the Berlin wall Vietnam War had ended, Witnessed:  Birth of the home computer  Videogames – PONG Masters  Internet used as a tool for social and commercial purposes  Created Dot-com businesses  We may not remember the moon landing, but we remember Elvis’ death

Gen X Characteristics
Both parents working Latch key kids Very resourceful Focused on outcomes Most educated Want work / life balance Work to live Enjoy technology

       

X Communication
  

 

Tell them what needs to be done, not how Ask for reactions & opinions Informal recognition Use e-mail & voice mail Present facts, use straight talk Ask for feedback

X Communication
 Share info immediately & often  Use an informal communication
 Provide a challenging environment

 Allow individual growth & development
 Assign projects that stimulate  Listen!

Social Influences…….

 Lynyrd Skynyrd  Wham!

 Alabama  Cyndi Lauper  Run DMC

Social Influences…….

 MTV  Arcades

 ET
 Transformers  Married w/Children

Different Generation, Different Way


The Millennials

Echo Boomers

 Generation Y are the fastest growing population in

today’s workforce.  They will be replacing the baby boomers.

Employment Opportunities
 More

 

 Less

 

Automation Technological Medical jobs

Factory jobs Middle management workers

Employment Needs
Work Attitude
• Generation Y is looking for flexible

work schedules in order to get more balance between work life and home life. • They are looking for higher pay for less hours. • Family and friends take priority over work. • This may be viewed by older generations as a lack of discipline or commitment, however, Generation Y has different expectations of their employers.

Employment Needs…..
 Generation Y is looking for opportunities at work for:  Advancement  Recognition  Casual Dress  Challenging Work  Professional Growth/Training  Volunteer Opportunities

Team Oriented
 Generation Y was involved in many group activities

when they were children. They worked in groups and played in groups.  Participating in team sports made them learn about teamwork. They learned to value input and to seek verification from other people.  Generation Y experienced a “no-person-leftbehind” generation. They want to be involved and included.  Generation Y are loyal team members.


Attention-Craving Generation Y
 Generation Y likes to be praised. They want to

receive feedback and guidance, and reassurance.  In fact, they actually crave attention.  Mentors could play a very helpful role in helping Generation Y in developing their career goals.

Technological Influence
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • BlackBerrys • Laptops
• •

e-mail webinars text messaging

Cell phones

Face-to-face contact is not common

Social Influences
Important Events

• Death of Princess Diana
• O.J. Simpson Trial • Oklahoma City Bombing

• Monica Lewinsky Scandal
• Y2K • 9/11 • SARS Epidemic • Avian Flu


Social Influences…….

 Vanilla Ice  Britney Spears

 Marilyn Manson
 Spice Girls  50 Cent  Bon Jovi

Waynes world

Reality Junkies
 Television took on a new look during Generation Y

with reality shows like:

     

American Idol Real World Fear Factor Survivor The Amazing Race Dancing with the Stars Iron Chef

Political Influences

 Jimmy Carter (D)  Ronald Reagan (R)

 Bill Clinton (D)
 George W. Bush (R)  Barrack Obama (D)

Economic Conditions in Generation Y
 Started out with huge growth  Downturn to negative inflation, job layoffs, home

foreclosures, and high unemployment  Being compared to the great depression…...

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