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English / Choices Of Life
Choices Of Life
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Autor: anton 03 December 2010
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Choices of life

What would you do if you could decide your future, your life and your way in a couple of seconds? Will you take the chance and risk, or will you sit and wait for something else to happen? I took a risk when I decided to come in the United States, and there is no doubt that this decision has been the biggest choice I had to make in my life so far.

The proposal came almost out of nowhere. I had heard about a coach who was interested in college soccer players, so I went to a scrimmage he had organized, not thinking that I could be the chosen one, not thinking that a day like that could change my entire life course. After the game, the coach came to me and asked me, “Do you want to come to America?” I accepted the proposal in no time. After all, that was the reason I went to the scrimmage in the first place.

I was so happy he selected me out of so many players that I did not think about the importance of my decision. After a few days and sleepless nights, I began to have second thoughts. I realized how big this was, how my life was going to change. All my friends, my family, my hometown, and my past were to be left behind. Would I have the strength to start all over again? This question was frightening me and the coward within me pulled me back. I wanted to quit, stay home, and go on with my life the way it was. On the other hand, I could not do that. I could not live with myself, knowing I had a chance like this but did not take it. I could not live as a coward all my life. My girlfriend implored me not to go. My parents did not say anything. Sometimes, I wish they would have begged me to stay home, but they just let me decide. Am I old and mature enough to make a decision like that? My mind was telling me to take the chance, but my heart was pulling me down, keeping me home, near my family, my friends, and the ones I love so much.

I have decided to leave the past behind because the future is where I am going to spend the rest of my days. “I live to risk, and I risk living!” one man said. He was a stunt man, but that does not matter. What is life, if not a bunch of stunts out of which we try to survive? If we do not take a chance, we won’t live. I would rather live than not risking. I am an optimist and I may see things too bright sometimes, but when it comes to my decisions, I never feel sorry for the choices I make. Good or bad, I am just glad I can make decisions and stand for them because in the end, being able to decide is far more important than the decision itself.

So what kind of person are you? What will you do if you are in a situation like me? I miss home, I miss every little thing about my hometown, my family, my friends, but I am not sorry for the decision I made. I am happy because I overcame my fears. I took the chance and…here I am.

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