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AMUL ICE CREAM is made from Milk and Milk products, Sugar, Stabilizers &

Composition: * Total Solids 40% to 41% * Sugar 15% Approx. * Acidity 0.17% to 0.19% * Protein 3.9% to 4.1%

Food Energy Value: Calories per 100 ml -196.7 kcal

Flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Rose, Mango, Chocolate, Honey-Dew-Melon, Tutti-frutti, Litchi, Kesar Pista, Kaju Draksh, Butterscotch, Chocochips, Rajbhog and Cashew Break.

Packaging: 50 ml cup, 100 ml cup, 500 ml pack,1 litre pack, 4 litre pack, Choc-bar, Ice candies, Cones and Kulfies.

Special Features: Various verities of Ice Cream can be made from the basic mix by addition of required amount of permissible colors and flavors. Dry fruits and nuts would be used for making premium verities Ice Cream.

Product Specification: Product meets BIS specification

Product and services
The product line of our product is fresh milk and real Ice Cream as we are offering the best quality product made of fresh milk and milk fats without any vegetable oil (frozen dessert), through which we provide tasty and creamy ice cream to our consumers. It is not very much expensive; every class of person can buy it.
Our product is better than others which are currently offered by the competitors because we provide pure dairy ice creams from fresh milk to the consumers. The customer always required more satisfaction and best quality products and we are providing it.
Very soon, we will launch more products and customers will shift to our products, which will probably satisfy the need of the customer for a longer period of time.

Marketing plan
--------- Ice Cream adopted customers oriented marketing strategies to attract customers as much as it can. It follows differentiation strategy such as strategy emphasis a product…...

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