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Giussani, 3 – 11 Worksheet
Answer the following questions in complete sentences in paragraph form (i.e., no bullet points). Answers are to be single-spaced and include a word count. Type your answer into this document below each question. Do not delete or edit any part of this document, except to insert your answers and your name.
1. According to Giussani, what is realism, and why is it important to him? (100 word minimum) According to Giussani, realism is a method by which an object dictates itself and is not defined by a person who perceives the object. Giussani sees the object, but the object sustains itself weather he is looking at it or not. The object is not what Giussani perceives it as; the object is simply the object existing externally to every other object. In regards to the religious experience as a phenomenon, Giussani’s view of realism is important to him because it allows him to connect his perception of realism to his existential inquiry. He feels that the religious experience as an object would exists within him. Based on his definition of realism he must look within himself if he wants to perceive his own religious experience. By looking within, in this case, he is using his idea of realism to make an existential inquiry. (144).
2. Why does Giussani begin with an existential inquiry (i.e., an inquiry beginning from individual experience), and how does he propose to evaluate that experience? (100 word minimum) Giussani begins with an existential inquiry because it will place his attention on his experience. Giussani feels that it is imperative to begin by examining ones own experience to provide a legitimate comparison to another’s experience. Giussani explains that by looking first at the thoughts or impressions of others, it will cause that person to falsely adopt the experience of others and make it their own. Giussani proposes that…...

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