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Gm Recalls

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GM Recalls

GM has once again recalled vehicles, but this time for a different problem. 2.4 million vehicles have been recalled in four separate recalls. The first recall, deals with 1.3 million Buick Enclaves, Chevy Traverse, and GMC Arcadia from the 2009–14 model year (MY) and Saturn Outlooks from 2009–10 MY for a front safety belt problem were the belts can wear down and eventually break. Dealers were told to not sell new or used models of these cars until the problem was fixed. The second recall effected 1.1 million Chevy Malibu from 2004–08 MY and Pontiac G6 sedans from 2005–08 MY because a shift cable in the may wear out over time causing problems with the transmission. The third and fourth recalls were much smaller, with the third encompassing 1,402 Cadillac Escalades from the 2015 MY because a faulty weld could cause the partial deployment of the front passenger airbag in a crash. Owners were told not to have anyone sit in the passenger seat, and all sales of the vehicle have been stopped until the problem has been fixed. The final recall effects 58 Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD 2015 MY pickups due to retention clips attached to the generator fuse blocks may come loose and cause a fire. Recalls from GM have risen 13.6 million vehicles since the February recall of 2.6 million cars for an ignition switch difficulty. The company has racked up $1.7 billion in repair costs for the vehicles it has recalled.

This new set of recalls could affect GMs sales, among other things because they have halted sale on several models on new vehicles, not to mention many used vehicles as well. This could call into question the overall safety of GM which since February, we have found out the initial recall for the ignition switches was known within the company for a decade, even though it is required by federal law to report a problem within five days of finding it.…...

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