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Gm vs Toyota

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A term paper
Competitive Dynamics
Submitted to:
Kashfia Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
East West University Submitted by:
The Radiant Group
Group members Name: | ID: | Anam Hossain | 2013-3-10-143 | Sourav Saha | 2013-3-10-155 | Md Faqrul Hoque | 2013-3-10-173 | Mousumi Akter Mila | 2013-3-10-024 |

Letter of Transmittal
9th April, 2015
Kashfia Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration,
East West University Dhaka-1212
Subject: Submission of term paper on “Competitive dynamics regarding Toyota Motor Corporation& General Motors.”
Dear Madam,
We have successfully prepared the term paper titled “Competitive Dynamics regarding Toyota Motor Corporation & General Motors” which we the members of the Radiant group, are submitting along with this letter.
The report has been prepared by visiting the website of the company and by taking information from their website. Through our best sincerity, we have tried to uptake all the issues in the report with several limitations. We all had a very good time while collecting the information and preparing the term paper. We really hope that the experience that we have got from working on this paper will help us in future. We sincerely hope that the contents of our paper will meet the requirements of this course and fulfill your expectations.
Therefore, we would like to place this paper for your kind judgment and valuable suggestions.

Thank You,
Sincerely yours,
Members of the Radiant group


At first we are grateful and thankful to Almighty Allah.
We thank our course instructor, Kashfia Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of East West University, for assigning us this topic and giving us the opportunity to experience how Competition plays and how marketers can best manage their brands…...

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