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God's Activity in Daily Conversation

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God’s Activity in Daily Conversation

Matthew E. Murraine

THEO 201-D25

Dr. Easterling

April 25, 2016

Thesis Statement: Since the interactive nature of God is communicated and understood through personal relationships, we are moved as Christians to emulate His being in our daily activities and conversations.

* Introduction/Thesis * A Brief History of God’s Historical Activity * Prophets and Judges * The person of Jesus Christ * The Holy Spirit * God’s activity today * God’s activity is understandable * God’s activity is situational * Wonderful Counselor * God’s activity is relational * Life within our communities * Conclusion

It would be difficult to attempt to confine the activity of God through the entirety of scripture to a brief explanation of His work. The effort He exerts is broad in scope and incorporates several modes of transmission. A casual passing over of scripture in any period reveals that God is sensitive to cultural trends. This quality further reinforces the entire redemptive process as He is continually on mission, striving to bring us into a loving relationship with Him. It should be noted that the forms of communication that Jehovah utilizes include elements of understandability, situational mindfulness, and relational development. His activity in the Old Testament provides many examples of this as well as the work and miracles performed through the persons of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
In the current post-modern movement, it would be easy to label God’s activity within creation as a myth. However, YHWH’s actions have been well substantiated by the historical and tangible proofs of His presence. The framework of Scripture bears witness to God’s interaction with people through the persons of the Trinity. As such our personal knowledge of…...

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