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GoGo squeeZ
Applesauce On The Go

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“It was love at first squeeZ”

Secondary Research:
When exploring current trends in the food industry, some observations become clear: the population wants food that is natural and free of artificial ingredients, not only for their children but also themselves, and most importantly they want it while they are on the go. Researchers at the SIAL conference in 2009 concluded that manufacturers are constantly finding innovative ways to include natural, healthy ingredients in their products, with “all-natural” foods becoming a major consumer demand. But is this costly, natural approach impacting consumer-purchasing habits? NERAC Research Firm states that even with economic struggles, “consumers still want a convenient, quick, fresh, healthy, tasty and sophisticated food experience” (Nerac). Interestingly enough, consumers will spend the buck for a healthier eating experience, allowing manufacturers to gain more capital in exchange for fewer ingredients used.
In addition, it is apparent that manufacturers are taking advantage of the consumer habit of eating away from home. According to, consumers are more interested in snacking to get their daily nutrition, and eating fewer full meals. To achieve this on-the-go lifestyle, parents are turning to convenient food pouches. Neil Grimmer, a pioneer of food pouches for toddlers, calls it “mobile food technology for the modern family” (Richtel). This ‘modern family,’ as Grimmer calls it, has easily adapted to the new packaging, as Gerber’s sales of their new pouched baby food has increased at double-digit rates. Additionally, Earth’s Best has seen a 41 percent increase on their organic baby food compared to their regular jarred options, despite falling birthrates. In addition to pouched food for babies and toddlers, manufacturers have started producing pouched snacks for adults. New York Times author Sarah Nassauer stated in a recent article that the pouches have the same potential success for adults as they have for children: “Pouches hit most of the big eating trends today. U.S. consumers continue to eat a lot in cars… Enter the pouch – consumed in seconds through a nozzle held in one hand” (Nassauer). Pouches clearly add ease to the busy, multitasking lifestyle that many adults are adopting today.
With packaging trends in mind, a July 2013 Mintel research study showed that 57 percent of female (and 51 percent of male) consumers would buy a product that can be reused for other purposes over another product that does not. Interestingly enough, several of the new squeezable pouch brands support Terra Cycling – a program that recycles unusable package waste into various plastic products, from backpacks and handbags, to picture frames, coasters, and jewelry cases. With today’s consumers emphasizing an active and health-conscious lifestyle, it is clear that the food industry is successfully adapting to the ever-changing culture. One company that has taken part in this transition is Materne North America.

Materne North America is a privately owned company that strives to offer families nutritious and convenient snack options through their six brands of fruit-based products. Even though it is a privately owned company, its roots lie in a larger European company called Materne Industries. Materne Industries began in January of 1888, when Edouard and Julia Materne opened up a jam factory in Belgium. It wasn’t until 1998 that Materne created the first ever fruit in a pouch, which they named “Pom Potes.” Materne’s tagline is “The Fruit of Your Imagination,” which stays true to its core values – what’s more imaginative than fruit in a convenient pouch? After seeing much success with their product in France, in April 2008 Materne became aware of the high demand of applesauce in the United States. Grasping at the opportunity, Materne decided to expand its company to North America, specifically New York City, where GoGo squeeZ debuted. Meena Mansharamani, the Managing Director of Materne North America, states, “The U.S. market is even more prime for a product such as GoGo squeeZ” (Morgan). As GoGo squeeZ was the first of its kind to hit the U.S., consumers became intrigued by the packaging and readiness of the product. By November 2008, one million GoGo squeeZ pouches had been sold. Aiming for the same focus as its sister company in France, Materne North America became “focused on being the market leader in providing solutions to help active families with fun, smart, and innovative products that provide nutritional staples in forms and tastes that kids love” (Materne).
In 2011, Materne partnered with Cherry Growers, Incorporated, a fruit processor based in Michigan. This partnership created 120 jobs for surrounding residents in Traverse City. Materne North America was praised by the residents, considering the state of Michigan had the highest state unemployment rate at the time, a whopping 9.6 percent. Mansharamani states, “Materne is completely committed to job creation and offering healthy snack solutions for busy families to foster a playful way for kids to be a little healthier each day” (Materne). Materne has primarily accomplished this with their product called GoGo squeeZ.

Although it made its debut in the American market just five short years ago, Materne’s GoGo squeeZ has made quite the splash in the world of squeezable pureed fruit snacks. GoGo squeeZ currently has three product lines available which are all 100 percent natural. The brand includes eight applesauce flavors in 3.2-ounce pouches with six new organic flavors and three flavors of Fast Fruit, which is offered in a slightly larger 4.2-ounce pouch.
As its name indicates, GoGo squeeZ is a product that can be enjoyed while on the go, which makes it ideal for U.S. consumers. Meena Mansharamani believes that this attribute has been a key factor in the brand’s success: “This is a very mobile country where people are on the move and look for snacking on the go.” Food companies are beginning to notice consumers shifting from structured meal times to frequent snacking and smaller meals throughout the day. As a result of this change, numerous businesses have started carrying GoGo squeeZ. “Today, it’s on shelves at Wal-Mart, Target, Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger and Publix, making $70 million in annual revenues on over $100 million retail sales” (Forbes).
As the first squeezable snack pouch of its kind in the U.S., Mansharamani says that the U.S. market is ready for a product such as GoGo squeeZ. “Innovation is a really big part of our business,” she explains. “We certainly want to build our base with our core product, which is an important part of our growth” (One for Every Home). With several big name competitors entering into the squeezable snack pouch arena, Mansharamani believes that GoGo squeeZ has the upper hand. “We…have the touch point of being a more convenient applesauce. The squeezable aspect has more variety and play value that’s much more interesting” (One for Every Home).
GoGo squeeZ has recently partnered with the Life is Good Playmakers to join in the efforts of emphasizing the need for playtime among kids and their parents, despite everyone’s busy schedules. This campaign idea made the GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouch a key player in being able to provide portable and healthy snacks to kids during playtime.
In the spring of 2013, Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced their Li’l Buckets kids’ meals which offered a GoGo squeeZ pouch along with the regular meal, and featured a bucket decorated with GoGo squeeZ characters and puzzle games. The two brands worked together to provide kids with a tasty addition to their meal while also pleasing the moms who desire healthy options for their children at fast food restaurants. In addition to supporting healthier lifestyles and eating habits in young kids and moms, GoGo squeeZ has paired itself with environmentally-friendly farms. The company involves itself in every step of its suppliers’ processes and only partners with those who use minimal pesticides, harvest non-GMO fruits that are wholly vegan, natural, gluten-free and kosher certified. Furthermore, the company aims to get 90 percent of its production from the United States. When GoGo squeeZ launched in 2008, it originally imported 100 percent of its product from France, but with the recent opening of its Traverse City plant in Michigan, this goal is beginning to look more like a reality.
GoGo squeeZ has also utilized social media to reach its target markets in ways that competitors have not ventured into yet. GoGo squeeZ has a prominent presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, on apps such as Instagram, and they boast an interactive website that would make any viewer stop and take a second look.

GoGo squeeZ currently targets their ads at children who eat applesauce and the mothers who purchase it. GoGo squeeZ consumers demand food products that are not only convenient, but healthy as well. These consumers are members of a snacking culture, which has contributed to a rise in obesity across the country. This brings about the necessity for healthy snack alternatives such as GoGo squeeZ applesauce. Parents have grown accustomed to eating on the fly and have realized the need for portable snack options for their children; GoGo squeeZ accommodates this while providing sufficient nutrition. Traditionally, eating is a social, family-oriented activity, but families are becoming more accustomed to the new on-the-go lifestyle. In a New York Times article, one mom states, “Is it the ideal scenario? No. But as a mom, I know at least I’m giving them a healthy alternative” (Richtel). As mentioned before, with the help of GoGo squeeZ, the KFC Li’l Bucket kid’s meal certainly made strides to bridge the gap between eating fast and eating healthy. This provided moms with comfort, knowing that their children’s meal was in good hands. The need parents have for flexible and wholesome food options for both themselves and their children make them the ideal consumer of GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouches.
In order to reach their target audience, GoGo squeeZ utilizes mostly non-traditional media, such as Facebook (their page currently has more than 256,000 ‘likes’). This heavy use of social media focuses their efforts on targeting young moms who are frequent social media users. Because of their target’s interactive role with social media, they post many ads and promotions through this medium. In addition, GoGo squeeZ also focuses their efforts on blogs. The brand has set up a network of bloggers who work with a panel of 150 moms who know the product well and provide feedback for research. In the past, GoGo squeeZ has used market researchers to carry out sampling tests to potential consumers. One of these tests was done at Disney World’s Epcot Center, which is a prime location to reach both the kids and parents that make up their current target market. Not only did they hand out samples, but they also engaged with the testers to find out exactly how they felt about the product.
Up to this point, GoGo squeeZ’s main targets for their applesauce pouches have been mothers and children. However, research has found that 30 percent of their consumers are young adults ages 18 and over. GoGo squeeZ has noticed a high level of activity in individuals of this age group: These consumers are posting pictures of themselves eating their applesauce on social media outlets like Instagram, which indicates another potential target market not yet addressed by the squeezable applesauce industry.

As a new name in the applesauce industry, GoGo squeeZ faces both indirect and direct competitors in its market. GoGo squeeZ’s indirect competitors can be divided into two product categories: applesauce and squeezable pouches. Regardless of the container it comes in, applesauce is still applesauce. Therefore, consumers are able to choose their applesauce brand or product based on taste, texture, and other various factors. Because of this, GoGo squeeZ considers the several brands of traditional applesauce cups as indirect competitors. Although taste plays a huge role in this product category, the biggest challenge for GoGo squeeZ to overcome with its indirect competitors is competing with the selling price of traditional applesauce cups. These cups are simple and require less time and materials to produce. Thus, they are cheaper to make and can ultimately be sold at a cheaper price, appealing to lower income families and individuals. GoGo squeeZ’s placement in this category ranks lower because of its convenient, more luxurious product packaging.
Another product category of indirect competition includes the concept of the squeezable pouch. As research has shown, GoGo squeeZ highly emphasizes the convenience of a squeezable pouch; however, they aren’t the only ones who have adopted this concept. Various brands such as Happy Squeeze, Organic Mashups, and Peter Rabbit Organics have also created products in squeezable pouches. Although these brands are not selling an applesauce product, they are still competing in the trend of healthy snacking options. In this product category, GoGo squeeZ ranks at the top, due to the specific structure of packaging, price, and sugar content. Happy Squeeze’s pouch has seen packaging flaws and has a history of leaking in gym bags and backpacks. Price-wise, GoGo squeeZ trumps Organic Mashups, selling a pack of four pouches at half the cost of Organic Mashups’ four-pack. As for sugar content, Peter Rabbit Organics tends to have 2-6 more grams of sugar per pouch than GoGo squeeZ’s. Thus, in these instances, GoGo squeeZ proves to have a better package design while maintaining a less expensive and more healthful product.
GoGo squeeZ’s biggest competitor is Mott’s, which has become the household name in the applesauce industry. Mott’s products range from traditional applesauce cups to apple juice, and even squeezable applesauce pouches. Their variety of products makes it easy for consumers to become loyal to the brand. However, GoGo squeeZ has entered the applesauce market with a big advantage: GoGo squeeZ created their brand image for the squeezable pouch product – that is their staple. Mott’s, on the other hand, already had their brand image and had to adopt the squeezable pouch in order to compete with GoGo squeeZ. According to Forbes, “Applesauce in squeezable packaging is now 15% of the applesauce category and driving most of its growth” (Goudreau). Clearly, this is a product category that Mott’s could not afford to neglect. However, with Mott’s as a direct competitor, GoGo squeeZ has to compete with top brand positioning that Mott’s has already established in this market. For example, Mott’s has signed on to support Box Tops for Education, benefiting thousands of schools throughout the United States. They are dedicated to ensuring healthy lifestyles for children and are a trusted product for many consumers; they see applesauce and know that Mott’s will be a reliable choice. But what do they know about GoGo squeeZ besides its convenient packaging? GoGo squeeZ knows its packaging will attract consumers and they use this to their advantage. GoGo squeeZ uses box and individual pouch designs to reiterate to consumers that they are an all-natural, 100 percent fruit, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, mess-free product, making claims that not even Mott’s can make. Mott’s is ‘natural’ but not ‘all-natural’; Mott’s squeezable applesauce contains ascorbic acid and high fructose corn syrup, while GoGo squeeZ contains only apples and apple juice concentrate. Clearly, this displays the fact that GoGo squeeZ is the best choice for a healthy on-the-go lifestyle.

Primary Research:
LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS In order to get an idea of how GoGo squeeZ applesauce is displayed at local stores, we visited both Publix and Target to view its shelf positioning and location to gauge the brand’s strategy for targeting their audience. At Target, GoGo squeeZ covers a vast expanse of shelves in the canned fruit and applesauce aisle. The GoGo squeeZ brand occupies approximately 6x8 feet of shelf space, which perfectly positions the brand to be noticed by kids and adults alike. Its direct competitors for this location (Mott’s Snack and Go Applesauce and Market Pantry Applesauce Pouch) are positioned directly above and below the GoGo squeeZ display, but don’t have nearly as much of a presence as GoGo squeeZ does. The signature GoGo green across the whole display mixed with other bright colors indicating various flavors make the GoGo squeeZ section a vibrant eye-catcher for applesauce consumers. In addition to the massive shelf display, we also found GoGo squeeZ pouches for individual sale next to the Target cash registers. For just 89 cents, customers have the opportunity to make an impulse buy to try out the novelty applesauce pouch. This smart store positioning of the product lets potential GoGo squeeZ consumers sample the product before buying in bulk. The display at Publix was slightly underwhelming after the impressive one at Target. Although Publix does offer several flavors of GoGo squeeZ, the brand gets slightly lost among the countless other brands encroaching upon its territory. Whereas at Target there were just two competitors, Publix sells more than five brands competing for space and attention among GoGo squeeZ, making it harder for the little green box to make an impression on consumers.

In addition to scoping out stores to see what GoGo squeeZ is up to, we also conducted two forms of research on two different groups of students at The University of Alabama in order to dig into the mind of the consumer. One group of students made up the current consumers, while the other group had no experience with the brand whatsoever. The current consumers were given a survey that allowed them to evaluate the product, while the students who had no prior experience were given a blind taste test and product design survey.
Of the students who regularly consume GoGo squeeZ, most initially purchased GoGo squeeZ because of its cool and fun appearance on the shelves. Some other key factors were the convenient size and mess-free pouch. For them, it accomplished the need for a quick and healthy snack. The pouch design immediately intrigued them because they knew it would suit their active lifestyle. However, some were initially skeptical of the product because they believed that it was meant for kids. On the other hand, a majority of the responders considered themselves to be loyal users of GoGo squeeZ for multiple reasons. Some believe that GoGo squeeZ is the most trusted brand for squeezable applesauce and they would have no reason to switch to another brand unless someone else suggested it. In addition, many believe that it is the cheapest product of its kind. It’s obvious that one of GoGo squeeZ’s main objectives is to provide a portable product, and many of the students viewed GoGo squeeZ as a primary choice for a pre-workout breakfast, not to mention as a quick snack on the go between workouts and class; it truly accommodates their busy lives.
When asked about convenience, surveyors were given a scale of 1-10 to rate the impact that convenience had on their decision to purchase GoGo squeeZ (10 = convenience had a big impact). All surveyors gave convenience a score of at least 7, with 6 out of 11 people rating convenience at a 10. It’s no question that GoGo squeeZ offers a wide variety of flavors to their consumers. But how many of their customers actually venture out of the typical AppleApple flavor and try the more adventurous flavors? Based on our research, we concluded that next to AppleApple, AppleBanana is second-most popular with AppleCinnamon and ApplePear following close behind. Two flavors that have not been consumed by our responders are AppleGrape and AppleMandarian. It is important to note that every single student surveyed has tried more than just one flavor, thus displaying consumer enjoyment and curiosity about the product. Most of the students surveyed prefer AppleApple to the other flavors they have tried, but AppleStrawberry, AppleCinnamon, AppleBerry, and AppleCherry also rank among the favorites.

Our second study was done on a slightly smaller pool of students, but an important one nonetheless. After giving a blind taste test to five University of Alabama students, we found several interesting qualities about what our surveyors thought of Mott’s and GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouch products. First, the sweeter taste of Mott’s in comparison to GoGo squeeZ seemed to be a unanimous conclusion when testers described the different versions of applesauce. Also, the texture and smell seemed to be major players in Motts’ advantages. When rated on a scale from dislike to like, surveyors seemed to like Mott’s more than they disliked it. The taste of GoGo squeeZ’s applesauce pouch was found bland and lacking in consistency, but the natural flavors found in GoGo squeeZ seemed to be enjoyed by our blind test takers. When surveyors were asked to rate how much they liked GoGo squeeZ applesauce, most seemed to really enjoy the taste, while one out of the five disliked it a little. At the end of the taste test, surveyors were asked to choose one product over the other. Two surveyors liked Mott’s more and three preferred GoGo squeeZ. When given a survey on the GoGo squeeZ box design, the initial impression seemed to rely heavily on the natural, organic, and playful look of the package. Dislikes of GoGo squeeZ’s display box were mainly directed towards the font size and design. The convenience of the GoGo squeeZ package design was well-liked by the testers. When asked how much they liked the product package on a scale of one (dislike very much) to seven (like very much), surveyors responded high: Three said they liked it moderately, one said they like it a little, and one said they liked it very much. When given a survey on Mott’s box design, the childish look of Mott’s package mainly stood out negatively among surveyor responses. The cartoon apple on the Mott’s package wasn’t as well-liked as the apple character on GoGo squeeZ package. Our surveyors found both brands’ pouches to be easily accessible and convenient. When asked how much they liked the product package on a scale of one (dislike very much), to seven (like very much) three surveyors responded to liking it a little and two liked it very much. At the end of these two surveys, when asked which of the two outer packages they liked better, four liked GoGo squeeZ the most while only one preferred Mott’s. GoGo squeeZ was chosen over Mott’s mainly because of its natural and healthy appearance.

KEY FINDINGS Trends in the market show all-natural foods are becoming more of a consumer demand, and even in economic struggle, consumers are willing to pay more for a healthier eating experience. As squeezable pouches are becoming more widely popular, GoGo squeeZ has found a niche to fill in the market. That niche is front and center in the core motto of GoGo squeeZ’s manufacturer, Materne North America: “Fruit of Your Imagination.” This emphasizes their innovative approach to package design and highlights their desire to meet the health and lifestyle needs of consumers of all ages. The GoGo squeeZ brand prides itself on being completely natural and a great healthy snack that can be taken with you anywhere. Its innovative pouch design allows portability not readily found in traditional snack options. Their non-traditional approach to advertising using social media outlets establishes their brand as new, imaginative, and current. Up to this point, GoGo squeeZ has focused its advertising efforts on kids who crave tasty snacks, while also targeting moms who purchase the applesauce and who desire to provide their children with healthy snack options. Although their target audience has traditionally been kids and moms, research shows great potential in young adults as consumers. Our testimonial surveys of current product users pointed out that even though young adults and college students aren’t the main target for GoGo squeeZ products, there are still segments of the population already using them. The fact that GoGo squeeZ heavily utilizes Facebook to promote their brand suggests that social media-savvy young adults would be strongly affected by the brand’s online promotional activities. The current users that we surveyed were unanimous in that the package design of GoGo squeeZ applesauce proves especially convenient in their busy lives; this fact would make it very beneficial to play up this feature in GoGo squeeZ advertisements. On the other hand, our blind taste test of both GoGo squeeZ and Mott’s applesauces provided insights into attitudes of non-users about both products. Many of the testers thought that Mott’s tasted sweeter, but GoGo squeeZ tasted healthier. As students with busy lifestyles, these young adults admitted that it becomes hard to make healthy choices, yet the all-natural GoGo squeeZ applesauce would make these choices much easier. GoGo squeeZ has multiple indirect competitors in the product categories of both applesauce and squeezable pouches, but its direct and most formidable competitor is Mott’s, as emphasized in the taste test. These facts highlight the need for more successful advertising in order to become the market leader in squeezable applesauce pouches.
We will advertise to busy, on-the-go college students and young adults ages 18-24, who live an active and healthy lifestyle. These young adults want to be able to consume a convenient, all-natural snack without resorting to campus vending machines or fast food meals. Our strategy will be product-oriented, with an emphasis on the unique selling proposition that although GoGo squeeZ is one of many squeezable applesauce brands out there, it is the only one that is completely natural with absolutely no artificial ingredients. We want our consumers to know one thing: That they can have a delicious, all-natural fruit snack on the go, confident that it is free of all artificial ingredients.


What do we want to accomplish?
The main objective of this campaign will be to make our target audience aware of the unparalleled health benefits of GoGo squeeZ applesauce compared to other brands. We will capitalize on changing our consumer’s attitude toward applesauce and help them realize how our product can be conveniently consumed in their active everyday life.

To whom are we talking?
We are speaking to active young adults, more specifically college students, who don’t want their health to be compromised as a result of their busy schedules. Therefore, they need a healthy snack alternative that can be consumed on-the-go. Our main focus will be non-users and emergent users who seek consistency in their independent lifestyles.

What do they think now?
Currently our target has a preconceived idea that applesauce itself is mainly meant for babies and young children, and they associate squeezable pouches with that same product category. The majority of our audience is simply unaware of our product and its potential benefits to their health and accommodation to their busy lifestyles.

What do we want them to think?
We want them to change their attitude toward applesauce and view it as an appropriate snack option for their age group. In addition to being aware of the product in general, we want them to understand the health benefits it provides. Finally, we want them to understand how the package design allows them to enjoy the tasty and healthful snack, wherever and whenever.

Why should they think this?
We will emphasize that no matter what age, fresh fruit is an essential staple of any healthy diet. They should consider that our product is vegan, all-natural, gluten-free, kosher certified, and has no artificial ingredients. They should recognize that the package design allows our target consumers to enjoy it as a quick grab-and-go breakfast or snack that can be easily tossed in a bag to take with them to school, work, or the gym.

What is our message?
GoGo squeeZ Applesauce On the Go is the best snack option to accommodate a busy and healthy lifestyle.

What is the one thing we want them to know?
We want our consumers to know that they can have a delicious, all-natural fruit snack on the go, confident that it is free of all artificial ingredients.

Why is now the time to advertise?
As the applesauce industry continues to grow, trends show pouches are increasing in popularity while the young adult market for them is widening. Our product is fairly new, so we need to establish a preemptive claim of being the best squeezable applesauce product before well-known brands surpass us in the market. This is a great opportunity to provide our consumers with a tasty snack that can contribute to their health and easily fit into their busy lives.

Move over, Mott’s…

It’s GoGo time.


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...nada bueno y digno de recordar de su actualidad. Además de un mayor sentido de juicio moral que los otros personajes , Vladimir sigue otorgado con una sensación de indecisión . Su constante mirando en el sombrero y su caminar de ida y vuelta son indicios de su espíritu inquieto y un deseo de estabilidad. En un momento se vuelve tan frustrado con su falta de acción que casi se desespera . Vladimir es el más comprometido, el más constante. Recuerda Estragon que deben esperar a Godot . Tal vez esto es simplemente porque su memoria es más nítida , se acuerda de muchas cosas que Estragon parece haber olvidado . En cierto sentido, Vladimir se convierte en la conciencia de la humanidad , donde su amigo Estragon es el cuerpo. Estragon ( Gogo ) Estragon es un retrato del dolor físico y la necesidad. Es visto por primera queja de un dolor en el pie . Su hambre y sed nunca parecen detenerse o finalizar . Él es golpeado físicamente cada noche. Su sufrimiento corporal parece no tener fin y que está atrapado en el momento, sin recuerdos de ayer y no hay esperanza para el mañana. Él sólo se sostiene por el hecho de que Vladimir recuerda ayer y espera para mañana. Si bien es cierto que representa el alma Vladimir y Estragón , el cuerpo, entonces es claro que los dos hombres son realmente inseparables. Por lo tanto se abrazan calurosamente después de que sus periodos de separación . Deben ser inseparable de la existencia para estar seguro . Uno no puede vivir sin el otro en el......

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Godot Ve Beklemek

...boşuna bir anlam bulmaya çalışma!" Perde açılsın Gün ışığı, araf kadar sade bir kır yolu, kuru bir ağaç, Didi (Vladimir) ve Gogo (Estragon). Oyun “Yapacak bir şey yok” repliğiyle başlar. Diğeri karşılık verir: “Al benden de o kadar”(1). Bu sözleri kimin söylediğinin önemi yoktur. Lakin biri diğerinin tamamlayıcısıdır. Gogo bedensel ve güdüsel, Didi düşünsel ve duygusal karakterlerdir. Gogo sürekli ayağına vuran çizmelerinden yakınıp kurtulmaya çalışır. Sendeler durur, bazen düşer. Karnı da açtır, gözü de; hep uykusuzdur; her gece aynı yerde serserilerden dayak yer. Didi ise kafasına uymayan şapkasından yakınıp durur; sürekli çıkarıp içini yoklar. Sahnede bir oraya bir buraya gider gelir, zaman ve mekân içinde sıkışmışlığı iliklerine kadar hisseder. Dünü ve yarını sorgular. Geçmişi bölük pörçük de olsa hatırlar, anlamlandıramamaktan rahatsızlık duyar. Ama Gogo geçmişi hatırlamakta zorluk çeker, durumu çok da önemsemez. Velhasıl her ikisi için de atalet eylemsizlik için bahanedir. Eylemsizlik de ataleti getirir. Oyundaki birçok kısırdöngüden sadece biridir bu. İkili dibinde buluştukları, tek bir yaprağı olmayan ağaca kendilerini asarak intihar etmek, sebebini bilmeseler de bedensel ve ruhsal olarak dışa vurdukları var olma sancısına son vermek isterler. Gerçi Didi’nin hâlâ umudu vardır: Godot’yu beklemek ister, Gogo’ya mütemadiyen hatırlatır bunu. Gogo ve Didi bu farklılıkları nedeniyle çatışır durur ama aynılıkları da yok değildir. İkisi de düşünceden düşünceye atlar,......

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The Witch by Edilberto Tiempo

...around her to three fingers width above her thin chest. The bank of her left was a foot-wide ledge of unbroken boulder on which she had set a wooden basin half full of wet but still unwashed clothes. In front of her was a submerged stone pile topped by a platter size rock; on it were a heap of shredded coconut meat, a small discolored tin basin, a few lemon rinds, and bits of pounded gogo bark. The woman was soaking her sparse gray hair with the gogo suds. She must have seen me coming because she did not look surprised. Seeing the three small shrimps hanging at my side she said, “You have a poor catch.” She looked kind. She was probably as old as my grandmother; smaller, for this old woman was two or three inches below five feet. Her eyes looked surprisingly young, but her mouth, just a thin line above the little chin, seemed to have tasted many bitter years. “Why don’t you bait them out of their hiding? Take some of this.” She gave me a handful of shredded coconut meat whose milk she had squeezed out and with the gogo suds used on her hair. She exuded a sweet wood fragrance of gogo bark and the rind of lemons. “Beyond the first bend,” she said pointing, “the water is still. Scatter the shreds there. That’s where I get my shrimps. You will see some traps. If you find shrimps in them they are yours.” I mumbled my thanks and waded to the bend she had indicated. That part of the creek was like a small lake. One bank was lined by huge boulders showing long, deep......

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The Consumer Experience of Mental Health Nursing

...Running Head: Mental Health Nursing The Consumer experience of mental health nursing Name Grade Course Tutor’s Name Date The Consumer experience of mental health nursing The articles by Sandy Jeffs, Simon Champ, Rene Geanellos, Ikwunga Wonodi & Robert Schwarcz and Alxander Arguello & Joseph Gogos have presented comprehensive and interesting contributions in reinforcing the literature on consumer experience of mental health nursing with specific reference to schizophrenia. A journal article by Geanellos (2005), “Adversity as opportunity: Living with schizophrenia and developing a resilient self” is a hermeneutical interpretation of 19 people diagnosed with this disorder. According to Geanellos, adaptation, adversity and resilience provide opportunities to adequately adapt to the effects of schizophrenia. Champ (1998), on the other hand provides a detailed account of struggle with schizophrenia. According to Champ, consumerism, personhood, recovery and self identity forms the basic paths to positive living with schizophrenia. This is a quality document that opens the eye on some of the challenging concepts that entails the path to recovery from schizophrenia. Another personal experience on the same topic is by Jeff (1997), “the experience of schizophrenia”. Jeff has achieved excellent ratings on his descriptions on his personal experience with this complication by the use of a poem-“Poems from the madhouse”. Ikwunga Wonodi and Robert Schwarcz’s......

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...en México, y uno de los líderes en la categoría de comida mexicana en Estados Unidos. Participa en una amplia gama de categorías, entre las que se encuentran: atún, burritos, cátsup, café, especias, guacamole, helado de yogurt, mayonesa, mermelada, miel, mini tacos, mole, mostaza, pasta, puré de tomate, salsas caseras, té, vegetales en conserva y alimentos orgánicos, entre otras. Los productos se comercializan a través de un excepcional portafolio de marcas, entre las que destacan: Aires de Campo®, Barilla®, ChiChi’s®, Del Fuerte®, Don Miguel®, Doña María®, Embasa®, Herdez®, La Victoria®, McCormick®, Nutrisa®, Wholly Guacamole® y Yemina®. Adicionalmente, cuenta con acuerdos para la distribución en México de los productos de Herdez GoGo Squeez®, Kikkoman®, Ocean Spray®, Reynolds® y Truvía®. LA COMPAÑÍA FUE FUNDADA EN 1914 Y ESTÁ LISTADA EN LA BOLSA MEXICANA DE VALORES DESDE 1991 Y EN EL MERCADO OTC DESDE 1997 Grupo herdez ha tenido un de crecimiento doble del de la economía, a pesar de las dificultades del entorno. Lanzo más de 140 productos en el año. Destacaron la salsa de guacamole Herdez® y los nuevos sabores del mole listo para servir Doña María® en México, mientras que en Estados Unidos sobresalieron las salsas listas para cocinar y los platillos congelados Herdez®, así como las porciones individuales de Wholly Guacamole Adquirió a Grupo Nutrisa, con lo que entramos directamente a una de las categorías de consumo de impulso más dinámicas, el helado de......

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Wireless and Mobile Technologies

...accessible in-flight locally available business planes. A considerable lot of the major U.S. airlines have now started to furnish their planes with new in-flight Wi-Fi administration. We have assembled an in-flight Wi-Fi administration charges table for the major U.S. airlines. Most of the airlines utilize the Gogo as a part of flight Wi-Fi administration which permits any Wi-Fi empower gadgets (from smart phone to cell phone) to join with the Internet in-flight. Most United States transporters have, as of late, declared upgrades and enhancements to their residential in-flight tech that, now and again, even give free entertainment to the poor souls back in mentor. These new administrations let you utilize your own particular mobile gadgets, in the same way as tablets, laptops and telephones, to either stream free substance like TV, music or amusements, or to lease motion pictures and TV without having to pay for a Wi-Fi arrangement. At the core of numerous new offerings is Gogo Air, the in-flight Internet pioneer that gives both Wi-Fi on planes and all the more undeniable entertainment alternatives. Delta Air Lines' new Delta Studio administration, for instance, depends on Gogo. The administration, discharged in August, is accessible to all travelers on any flight more than 90 minutes, letting them stream satellite TV, music and feature recreations on an individual gadget without paying for a Wi-Fi arrangement. (Wood, 2014) The furiously aggressive airline industry is......

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Wifi and Mobile Tech advantage to stay informed on all business related activities. Wireless laptops and tablets provides employees the ability to easily connect to wireless networks from hotels, coffee shops, home offices and book stores. Employees get huge increase in business efficiency involving research, invoicing, email and project development. All of these tasks can be handled without the worker returning to a desktop being stuck in an office (Koose, n.d.). Delta had installed new wireless and mobile technologies to many of airport hubs and airplanes. Charging stations for wireless and mobile technology now await weary travelers in at least 20 airports across the country. Largest domestic aircraft now carry the Gogo WiFi on board; however, international aircraft have limited use of the Gogo WiFi since it cannot reach 100 miles offshore. Employees flying from airports inside the country will have the ability to catch up on work while in the air. Fly Delta a mobile application offers customers a variety of features. Common features include flight updates, mobile boarding passes, seat maps, and etc. One unique feature is the ability to track a checked bag by scanning the bag tag with a smartphone (Geuss & Yamshon, 2012). All of these options are time saving keeping a potential employee on time and organized. Delta is also extremely active in the social network craze. Costumers have the ability to book travel from a Facebook account or customers with a Twitter account can use the......

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Secrecy Surrounding the Practice of Female Circumcision in Mabvuku and Tafara Surburbs

...certain physical health risks. In this qualitative study carried out in Mabvuku and Tafara, six semi-structured key informant interviews were conducted. They included two elderly women, namely Gogo Mugwagwa and Mbuya Zhou, who are the ‘aunties’ and are responsible for preparing girls in sexual and reproductive issues, who were interviewed to describe the proper way of conducting this practice. Two married women who have undergone labia elongation, Chipo Dengeza and another, simply preferring to be called Stella, a seventeen-year-old girl, a secondary school graduate who has just undergone the practice named Amina, a forty-two year old man, Johnson, who has a wife who has undergone labia elongation complete the list of six key informant interviewees. The researcher held one focus group discussion at Gogo Mugwagwa’s residence where eight women availed themselves for discussion on the subject. A semi-structured questionnaire, with six open questions, was designed (Appendix 2) for men in Mabvuku-Tafara, randomly sampled among the male population of these suburbs. The one qualifying criteria was that they had to be heterosexually experienced men, irrespective of their marital status. These questionnaires were distributed to forty (40) men. Twenty-two responses were collected. It was Gogo Mugwagwa and Mbuya Zhou who introduced us to some of these men, saying to us that they knew them to have knowledge about this practice that would be helpful to this research. Also......

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...EE TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES AND BELIEFS a We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Declaration of Independence (1776) Preview Vocabulary A. Here are some key AWL words in this chapter. Look at their definitions. Put a check next to the words you already know. 1. individual one person, considered separately from the group 2. achieve to succeed in getting the result you wanted 3. benefit something that gives advantages or improves life in some way 4. reliant being dependent on someone 5. constitution a set of basic laws and principles that a democratic country is governed by 6. ethical relating to principles of what is right and wrong 7. resources a country’s land, minerals, or natural energy that can be used to increase its wealth Traditional American Values and Beliefs • 25 8. status social or professional rank or position in relation to others 9. wetfare money paid by the government to people who are very poor, sick, not working, etc. 10. foundation a basic idea or principle B. Work with a partner. Complete each question with a word from the preceding list. Then answer the questions. of a country forbid titles of nobility? 1. Why would the (titles such as “princess” or “sir”) 2. If there are no titles of nobility, how does a society recognize......

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Economic Analysis of Gogo’s in-Flight Wi-Fi

...Case Study: Economic Analysis of Gogo’s In-flight Wi-Fi November 2, 2015 Introduction Gogo pioneered and now dominates the in-flight Wi-Fi business, which allows passengers to access the Internet during their flights. In recent years, consumers have grown from anticipation to dislike towards Gogo’s services due to its steady increase in fees and rapid decrease in speed. Through a dynamic pricing strategy they hope to relieve congestion which indeed have effect, but will not last in the fierce competition of an oligopoly market structure. Unlike its monopolistic position before, Gogo now faces at least three companies—ViaSat, Global Eagle Entertainment, and Panasonic— swiftly eroding its market share with cheaper and faster in-flight Wi-Fi services using satellites instead of antennas. Gogo’s own next-generation technology 2Ku, to come online in 2016, uses satellites that hopefully would achieve better prices with higher speed. To analyze the market for in-flight Wi-Fi and the pricing strategies of Gogo, our paper will discuss five core areas:      The price elasticity of demand for Gogo’s service, and how it varies with price levels The market structure Gogo is operating in Its dynamic pricing How the demand for in-flight Wi-Fi has changed over time, technological changes over the past 15-20 years that has affected demand Technological factors that affect supply, how congestion affects pricing and our recommendation Price Elasticity of......

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Big Hero 6

...he activates his brother's robotics project Baymax (Scott Adsit), a personal healthcare companion who eventually becomes Hiro's surrogate brother. It's then the two unlikely friends discover a sinister plot that was hatched by a masked villain named Yokai (who later turned out to be Callahan himself) to steal Hiro's microbots in order to use them for a vengeful act against a former colleague (Alan Tudyk). At this point, Hiro and Baymax team up with Tadashi's four friends Fred (TJ Miller), a hippy-looking fan-boy son of a wealthy entrepreneur, Wasabi (Damon Wayan Jr), a physics student who just happens to be paranoid about everything around him, Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), the sweet, optimistic fashion loving chemist queen, and Gogo (Jamie Cheung), the engineering student who just happens to be a woman of a few words who eventually becomes a mother-figure to Hiro. Together, they seek justice for their fallen friend and brother by ridding the city of the evil that has come upon it. What a lot of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes have been saying about this film that I completely agree with is that this story is so centered on grief, a topic that is rarely done on film, especially in western animated films where the subject seems to be to harsh for younger audiences. In one scene of the movie for example, the grief-stricken Hiro tried to turn Baymax into a murderous robotic killer after learning that Callahan had killed Tadashi in the fire. But the problem......

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Information Technology Transformation - Airline Industry

...the airline. During the flights, Song will leverage its seat-back screens to gather and analyze data on its passengers” (Gareiss, 2003). Other information technology innovations used by Song were a voice-recognizable ticket purchasing system and real-time flight information displays on plasma television screens at their gates (Gareiss, 2003). Inflight internet service is yet another innovation airlines are offering to gain customer loyalty from business travelers. Andrew Froehlich explains the technology Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi product: Aircell, I was told by a representative, had erected a national network of cellular towers throughout the continental United States to transmit broadband Internet connectivity to Gogo‐equipped aircraft. Three small antennas installed on the outside of the aircraft (two ATG antennas under the aircraft and one GPS antenna on top of the aircraft) receive the signal and convey it to the Gogo system in the aircraft. Gogo then transmits a Wi‐Fi signal inside the cabin for passenger use. (Froehlich, 2009) Hitachi Data Systems’ Director of Sales/Southeast uses this service to stay in touch with his administrative assistant and sales team during his weekly flights to customer meetings. Southwest Airlines continued as an industry leader in operational effectiveness through information technology when they installed GE Aviation’s SDS-6000 large area display suite in their Boeing 737 airplanes. “The integrated large area display......

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