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Expo Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd (M)
A-19, Ground/First Floor,, Sector-5,, Noida Phone : 0120- / E-mail :

VAT TIN : 09865711359 CST No. : 09865711359 Excise Regn No. : AACCE5677NEM005 Consignee Premium Graphite Pvt Ltd F-26R,First Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

Range Division Commissionerate PAN / Income Tax No.

: : : :

XVII Noida / E5, Sector-1,IVth Floor, Noida III Noida / E-5, Sector-1, Noida Noida / C-56/42, Sector-62, Noida AACCE5677N

Invoice No. 0465/14-15 Buyer’s Order No. Po No- Verabl Delivery Note Supplier’s Ref./Order No. 0465 Despatched through BY Hand Date & Time of issue of Invoice 23-Aug-2014 at 19:25 Date & Time of Removal of Goods 23-Aug-2014 at 1955 Mode/Terms of Payment

Dated 23-Aug-2014 Dated 23-Aug-2014 Dated Despatch Document No. Destination Delhi Motor Vehicle No.

VAT TIN : 07766906454 CST No. : 07766906454 Excise Regn No. : AAHCP4632MEM001 Buyer (if other than consignee) Premium Graphite Pvt Ltd F-26R,First Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

VAT TIN : 07766906454 CST No. : 07766906454 AAHCP4632MEM001 Excise Regn No. :
Sl No. 1 No. & Kind of Pkgs. 1 Description of Goods Machined Graphite Components Cavity Ele Hse266159 C008_d Excise Duty 12% ( Output) Education Cess 2% (Output) S & H Edu.Cess 1% (Output) CST @ 2.0 % Against Form"C" (8,207.00)

60 Days
Tariff / HSN Classification 38019000 Quantity 1 pcs Rate 7,304.00 per pcs Amount 7,304.00

12 2 1 2

% % % %

876.00 18.00 9.00 164.00

Amount Chargeable (in words) : INR Eight Thousand Three Hundred Seventy One Only Amount of Duty (in words) : INR Eight Hundred Seventy Six Only Amount of Cess (in words) : INR Twenty Seven Only

1 pcs


Form to Receive : C Form Dt: VAT Declaration : We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct.
Serial No. in PLA/RG-23 :

for Expo Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd (M)

Authorised Signatory E. & O.E…...

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