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Gothic Art: Architectural Art Comparison Christopher Hampton Art Appreciation: HUMA205-1303B-11 September 15, 2013 Sarah Saczynski American Intercontinental University

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to evaluate pieces of architectural art. Both are Gothic in nature from two different centuries. Contrasts and similarities will be discussed. The historical nature as well as how it may or may not have changed will be covered as well.

The buildings chosen were the S. Maria Novella and the Segovia Cathedral. The first cathedral S. Maria Novella was created in Florence, Italy from 1456 to 1470 C.E. It is Gothic with an Italian Renaissance facade. (Artifice, 2013) As it is a building of course it is three-dimensional. Green and white marble was used in the construction. Load bearing masonry technique was used in order to use marble in such a way, as it would support the weight of construction. The artist made two different styles combine to look as one. Originally Romanesque in style, Alberti “used large curved triangular to bridge the gaps from high and low roofs”. (Bramblett, 2013) As a house of worship at that time it had to represent the Lord on earth and in the Middle Ages this meant it had to be almost regal in splendor. The way Alberti combined the two styles was an attempt to pay homage to the Roman Pantheon. The interior completely Gothic in style had scrolls of religious stories as everyone was unable to hear the sermons in a building of such great size. The function of this piece is a house of worship, the predominate religion of the time was Catholic. Not did it fit the style of the era as places of worship were as grandiose as palaces but this particular cathedral was the “blueprint” for those to follow.(Bramblett, 2013)
The second example of the Gothic style of architectural art is the Segovia Cathedral. The Segovia Cathedral, being a three-dimensional piece, it was the last Gothic cathedral ever created in Europe. The cathedral was created in masonry cut stone. (Artifice, 2013) This cathedral features a 295-foot tower as well as seven radial Gothic chapels attached to the back of the presbytery. This piece took two hundred years to complete. (Turisma, 2013) The function is a place of worship. Unlike the previous example, while more grandiose on the outside, the interior is surprisingly bare. It was commissioned by King Charles V to replace the former cathedral that had been destroyed during a revolt against that king. (, 2013) this piece fit the style of the Middle Ages by its imposing size and the gothic style made to be exquisite as a representation of the glory of the church and the wealth of the area.

Conclusion In conclusion, while created in the same style these two pieces of architectural art are very different in appearances. First to last built were represented both magnificent in their own right. Each has stood the test of time and even wars. In a time when money was scarce these were some of the most lavish buildings ever created.


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