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GPS tracking has been around for quite some time now. GPS tracking has taken our policing to the next level, and it will continue to improve as devices improve. According to Robert Sisley “It was first most commonly used to track bad guys, but has since been installed in police vehicles to aid in dispatching and for officer safety monitoring” (Sisley, 2010). Some look at GPS tracking as a big brother device. However when used the right way it can improve productivity. The AVL (automatic vehicle location) system has been used for many years and has had positive results. Our military is even using AVL systems to save drivers from themselves. The military uses the AVL system to get drivers to obey the speed laws, and save money by reducing car accidents. Departments use the AVL system to assist with dispatching. Now dispatchers can look at a screen that has a map of the city and dispatch the closest officer where the disturbance is. This is especially helpful in high priority calls and takes out the guesswork. GPS tracking has also assisted with keeping track of felons and individuals on probation. Constant supervision is needed when GPS tracking devices are used because the individuals with these bracelet devices can disable them without being detected. According to Paige St John “Field tests by California corrections officials in 2011 showed the devices used to track nearly half of the sex offenders in the state reported no signals 55% of the time — blind spots the manufacturer attributed to buildings, cars and trees” (St John 2014). So there is still a level of supervision that is needed when using these devices.…...

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