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Grade Viewer Application in Android for Sto. Niño Catholic School
A Project
Presented to
The Faculty of STI College Global City

In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bonifacio, John Francis J. – A705
Cabalza, Dominador III M. – A705
Mante, Sherwin T. – A705
Pasamonte, Kim D. – A705

July 3, 2016
Today, android smartphone users mostly can access the internet, can easily look for information on the web and can install hundred and thousands of apps available in play store. Internet is connecting people everywhere. Accessing the internet using android smartphone became particularly common and the internet became part of our daily lives.
Android smartphone users became the primary consumer of everything that is shared online. With the help of the database, android smartphone and internet users can actually help you visualize the actual grade for an instant and fast monitoring advancement, benefiting the teachers, students, and parents particularly overseas guardians. Grade Viewer Application in Android can be considered as a way of better for viewing of grades. This system store data online and display the data thru android application.

Sto. Niño Catholic School (SNCS) is a catholic private school in Sampaloc St., Zone 1, Signal Village, Taguig City. It was started in 1988 as preparatory school with only 28 kindergarten pupils and after a year’s ago school now offers Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary and High School with more than a thousand students. Its development as an institution was simultaneous with the development and growth of Parish Community. As the school develops, the administrators tried to upgrade its faculty members with more than forty five (45) class advisers and subject teachers as well…...

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