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Greene Case Write-Up
Kristen Craig

1. If you were Sam Greene, how would you respond to the first reports of contaminated spinach? Be specific as to the actions you would take.

My first reaction if I was Sam Greene would be worry and concern about my product. Once the initial shock had passed, I would begin to investigate beginning with the FDA. I would call them and begin a series of questioning. I would ask where the contaminated spinach came from, which farm, do they know the specific processor, and which area or region the contaminated spinach originated. Once I had gathered the information, I would arrange some kind of meeting with the local stakeholders. This would allow me to discuss which companies produced the contaminated spinach.

2. What factors would you consider and how would you make your decision? To whom are your primary obligations?

I would arrange for an audit of the Greene company that would check the spinach specific to the Greene farm. This could be done through an independent consulting company, like Fresh Express, so that we could ensure they would be impartial and give accurate results.

3. How would you respond to this new information? Be specific as to the actions you would take.

My first course of action would be to contact GRT Salads. This would allow me to find if they still want to purchase spinach from my farm. I would also contact the owners of the surrounding harvest fields.

4. What actions would you take regarding the spinach products you market through Tossed Fresh?

I would contact Tossed Fresh in order to get any information about the E. Coli outbreak. I would ask questions like “Is the packing machine contaminated?” I would also ask about the transport of the spinach itself to ensure it complies with safety guidelines.

5. What actions would you take in regard to the other crops you…...

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