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For grievance procedures to be effective, both parties should view them as a positive force that facilitates the open discussion of issues. In some cases, the settling of grievances becomes a sort of scorecard that reinforces an "us versus them" mentality between labor and management. Therefore, management will provide counter-proposals until an agreement is reached. According to Walter Johnson, “The National Labor Relations Act and other laws forbid management from interfering with the formation of a union or other organization to demand improvements in working conditions or wages, so long as this does not interfere with production.”
When an employee or non-exempt employee filled for overtime grievance; several information pertaining to the employee or non-exempt employee must be submitted for review. Often, the request includes information going back several years. That information may or should contain the following information:-
a. Listing of all overtime earned by each unit employee including the date/pay period in which the overtime was worked, the amount of overtime pay received, the employee’s payday number, job series, grade, step and FLSA status.
b. Copies of all standardized forms used for any purpose relating to requesting or approving overtime, compensatory time for non-exempt employees.
c. Copies of any regulations, instructions, or guidelines provided to supervisors regarding approval or denial of request s for overtime, compensatory time for non-exempt employees.
d. Current and historic data concerning non-exempt employee arrival and departure information such as sign in/sign out sheets, scanning system records, or building access records.
e. Current and historic time keeping records for non-exempt employees, such as time clocks, automated time sheet, etc.
f. Records containing the official work schedules for all non-exempt employees (regular or part time, including compressed schedules and flexible work schedules).

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