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Did you perceive most of the significant changes in your world as negative or positive initially?

As a normal person its all depends than if the change is for good or if it is for bad.
If it is for good of course anyone can take it as a positive initially who doesn’t like good things but in the other hand if it is something negative or bad than can affect me direct or indirect it could take some time until I star realizing that I need to do some changes so I can take it the best way possible. I don’t think it affect me at all because I am very positive person and I always say that everything happen in life for a reason and the only thing doesn’t have solution in life is death.

Did some negatives event have positives outcomes?

Well I personally think that yes, some of them or maybe all of them have positive outcomes the reason why it is because we are human an as human been we always are looking for solution to negatives stuff.

Did some positives occurrences fail to result in a positive effect on your circumstances?

Well if many things in one way or another that are good and can be created with an objective good sometimes do not meet expectations and do not end up being what we expected. So in a certain way if they fail but not to say that there were good or they were created for a good purpose.

How do you think your worldview affects your choices going forward, especially your choice to further your education?

Well my vision for the future is very clear and with one goal, that is to beat myself as a person and professional, I don’t think any worldwide event or social event can change my mind and my goals

How well prepared do I feel for school?

I feel great, and only with the challenge of language, since English is not my native language I am on perfect condition and self-motivation.

What challenges do I anticipate on this class?


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