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Guest Model of Hr

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P1.1 – Explain Guests model of HRM

Guest (1987) shows a model of HRM that is commitment based, which is distinct from compliance-based personnel management. According to Guest, HRM is: * linked to the strategic management of an organization * seeks commitment to organizational goals * focuses on the individual needs rather than the collective workforce * enables organizations to devolve power and become more flexible * Emphasizes people as an asset to be positively utilized by the organization.
Guest (1987) sees HRM as a distinct approach to managing the workforce and argues that, although personnel management will also select and train staff, it is the distinct approach in the selection and training that matters. HRM’s approach should be linked to high performance and commitment rather than compliance. Guest (1997) recognizes that, although empirical evidence is only just beginning to show the link between HRM and performance, evidence is already suggesting that HRM works. The view from industry is also suggesting that HRM is taking on a strategic role in industry. The CIPD (2003) HR survey identified HR issues as now being regularly discussed at executive boards and HR managers seeing their role as that of a strategic business partner, with the HR function now focused on achieving key business goals and developing employee capabilities.

P1.2 - Compare the differences between storey’s definitions of HRM, Personnel and IR practices.

Storey (1992) has established a theoretical model based on his perception of how organizations have evolved from predominant personnel and IR practices to HRM practices as he called it ‘a model of the shift to human resource management. His model is based on ideal types and thus there are no organizations, which conform the picture in reality. Storey also underlines twenty-seven points of difference…...

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